ALEC JONES – “Crisis Actor for The Deep State!”

“Crisis Actor for The Deep State!”
by T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.

My office now litigates against Facebook!  I represent Christiana Scarborough, Greg Fessler, Rudy Twomoon, and Gena Simkins in Scarborough vs. Facebook, Inc., [Los Angeles County Case No. BC714084].  This is the most important lawsuit that you’ve never heard about — this lawsuit will decide whether (or not) Americans have free speech on the internet.

There’s a total “media blackout” on our lawsuit.  No television news network may report on our lawsuit, nor may any traditional or online newspaper.  The media blackout extends to alternative media and social media, including Facebook.  Basically, if a news outlet receives advertising revenue from large corporations, then it’s a sure bet that such outlets are forbidden to cover our free speech lawsuit!

When we filed the lawsuit, we believed that online activists would be enthusiastic.  We thought that the anti-GMO, anti-vaxx, and anti-chemtrail communities would stand with us.  After all, if the court decides that free speech is dead in America, then these communities will be unable to tell the truth about vaccines, GMOs, and chemtrails, (and then there’s really no point to being an online activist anymore, right?).  But, as it turns out, almost all online activists ignore our lawsuit!  Why?

So, why do online activists ignore our lawsuit?  Truth is, 4 out of 5 online activists don’t care about free speech!  They don’t give a damn whether corporations bridle your speech rights — because their speech rights are already bridled!  That’s right!–4 out of 5 online activists are controlled — controlled by the targets of their moovements!  Just look at Monsanto — they control their opposition with the shill group, March Against Monsanto!  (Surprised?)

“The best way for governments and corporations to control opposition movements is to actually control those movements—by leading them!”
Excerpt from Aggression’s Child: The Constant Fear of Scarcity, by Rudy Twomoon, (Bellends Books, 2013)

Nowadays, all major corporations hire thousands of employees to be on Facebook — to sway public opinion — by pretending to be activists for change — but in fact misleading folks on important issues (like vaccines, GMOs, and chemtrails).  These corporate stooges are called “crisis actors” — defined as secret corporate or government agents — who perpetrate a staged crisis — which is sensationalized by the media — in order to sway public opinion — towards secret government or corporate agendas.

alec jones finalee CC

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is a good example of a crisis actor.  He secretly works for the vaccine maker, Merck & Co.  Recently, RFK perpetrated a crisis — revealing that the feds failed to undertake required vaccine safety studies.  (Omfg!)  The media then sensationalizes RFK’s revelation about the non-existent safety studies — in order to sway public opinion — so that folks will demand safety studies — which, in turn, creates a demand for vaccines — which was the hidden agenda all along!  Get it?

Alec Jones is also a crisis actor — controlled by the targets of his activism. (Surprised?) C’mon! All day long, Alec Jones bitches ‘n moans about The Deep State, (“TDS”), and therefore, it doesn’t take a Stephen Hawkins to figure-out that The Deep State controls Alec Jones!

alex jones crisis actor FINAL

The Deep State uses and exploits Alec Jones — to teach you that corporations can take away your right to spout opinions — and there’s nothin’ you can do about it — so don’t even think about trying to sue — because free speech is dead as a doornail — and Alec Jones is the poster child for this message!

ISN’T IT IRONIC?  (Don’t ya think?)
All day long, Alec Jones flaps his gums in front of a gaggle of news reporters — but how come he’s not down at the courthouse filing a lawsuit?  Hmm?  Alec Jones complains that his rights are being violated — so why not lawyer-up, go to court, and vindicate his rights?  Srsly!  Alec Jones’ net worth exceeds $5 million — so he can afford a lawyer.  Or, he could raise money from his diehard fans.  What’s the problem?  Can’t find a lawyer?

alex jones crying

Truth is, crisis actors, like Alec Jones, can’t go to court!  Crisis actors can’t go to court for the same reasons that Rachel Green and Monica Geller can’t go to court!  Hello?!  They’re just freakin’ actors — not real people!  If they were to sue — their true identities would unravel in court!!  Imagine Alec Jones on the witness stand when the attorney says: “State your name and occupation for the record,” and Alec Jones replies: “My name is Alec Polkowski — and I work undercover — for the Internet Cartel — Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter!”

American naturalist and philosopher, Rudy Twomoon, writes:  “It’s the same with every organized movement, it’s always the leaders.  The leaders of the protest movement are always in cahoots with the targets of the protest.”  (Excerpt from: God is Dead and an Actor Plays His Part, by Rudy Twomoon, Bellends Books, 2015).

This is where the skeptics start barking: “Okay, where’s your proof?–show us the CSI evidence that proves Alec Jones is a crisis actor!”  You want proof?  You can’t handle the proof!  All you need to know is that Alec Jones is NOT suing Twitter!  If he were legit, he’d be suing!  He’d sue to get his platform back!  But he’s not legit, which explains why he’s not suing!

Folks, WE are the proof that Alec Jones is not legit!  We happy few, we band of litigants — who are actually suing!  You can make endless excuses for why Alec Jones isn’t suing — he’s too busy, he can’t afford a lawyer, he doesn’t identify with a fixed gender, etc.  But what about us?  How come Alec Jones never mentions us?–the ones who are actually “in” the fight?  Why does Alec Jones ignore America’s ONLY free speech lawsuit?  Why?–because there’s a media blackout in effect — and Alec Jones is a media employee — and The Deep State controls the media — that’s why!
alex jones deep state FINALE

It’s been said that it’s easier to fool someone — than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled.  Newsflash: you’ve been fooled.  That’s right!  Alec Jones works for the same corporations that hire those lazy, little snowflakes who gripe about your right to keep and bear firearms.


  • if you believe that Alec Jones is just a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist, then you are #FastAsleep;
  • if you believe that Alec Jones tells the truth about, the JFK assassination, the moon landing hoax, and the 9/11 caper,” then you are #WideAwake;
  • if you know that Alec Jones tells the truth about JFK, the moon landings, and 9/11 — but he’s still just a puppet — controlled by the folks who orchestrated the JFK assassination, the moon landing hoax, and the 9/11 caper — then you are #WokeAF!


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“Know your human right,
be what you come here for.”

9 thoughts on “ALEC JONES – “Crisis Actor for The Deep State!”

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  1. ok, i have a few issues with this article (constructive criticism)
    #1 you say you want to debunk alex jones, and you start ranting about your law suite – that is unfair and clickbait.
    #2 just because you reached out to many people, it does not mean they “don’t care about free speech” it could be they are very busy with other things and just don’t have time for you. don’t fool yourself into thinking you are entitled to anything!
    #3 a lot of your arguments here are very vague and emotionally driven with not enough footnotes or sources to be crosscheck the material.
    #4 i personally have reached out to alex jones and not received a reply (i did buy from them and i am happy with my purchase) but my hurt feelings alone are not enough for me to say he is a “fake”.
    #5 if he is a fake, than why was he banned? he would of still been online if he was a fake.


  2. “This is where the skeptics start barking: “Okay, where’s your proof?–show us the CSI evidence that proves Alec Jones is a crisis actor!” You want proof? You can’t handle the proof! All you need to know is that Alec Jones is NOT suing Twitter! If he were legit, he’d be suing! He’d sue to get his platform back! But he’s not legit, and this explains why he’s not suing!”

    That is such a heap of BS i don’t know where to start – is that all you got? your proof that he’s a insider is that he is not suing?

    #1 what if his lawyers told him that “hey alex that are a private co. you will lose going up against them, they have it in their “terms and conditions” and every user agrees to it when they sign up, including you, don’t sue you will lose”.

    #2 alex clearly hates them and would rather make a new platform for conservatives then to push his way back into the problem. alex is pro bitchut and gab and so on, alex thinks that youtube and facebook are a cancer that need be replaced and that they need him more than he needs them.


  3. hey, go talk to “project veritas” or make your own operation, send someone to texas and have them be hired for infowars, and after a few months inside you will know if he is real or fake. it’s a hard work to prove stuff like this, i am sure that if he was pro your lawsuite you would not write this article…


  4. Hi! I need to file a case on behalf of my Community on Facebook, as we are blocked from any new member needing to get in our groups. We have not violated any of the community standards. This coincided with a mass media blast on the harms of medical devices and journalists blasts, too. One of our reporters that is one of our advocates, even just won an Emmy for her news story on us, has contacted Facebook for well over a week to help us and they say they are “working on it”.


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