“Oops! I Shilled My Pants!” – The RFK, Jr. Story!

” O o p s !   I  S h i l l e d  M y  P a n t s ! “
T h e  R F K, Jr.  S t o r y
by T. Matthew Phillips, Attorney-at-Law

“Oops! I Shilled My Pants!”
On Nov. 11, 2018, Erin the Health Nutter published an article titled:  “RFK Jr. Wins Case Against U.S. Government for Vaccine Safety Violations.”  But this story is totally bogus!  RFK didn’t win nothin’!  The Court found no vaccine safety violations!  This is #FakeNews.  It’s pharma propaganda — brought to you by Joe Mercola’s stripper girlfriend — Erin the Health Nutter — and starring pharma’s number one crisis actor — Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.!  Okay, buckle-up!–this is gonna be one helluva bumpy ride!

Joe Mercola’s Stripper Girlfriend, Erin the Health Nutter

Del Bigtree – FOIA Request
On Aug. 25, 2017, RFK — on behalf of Del Bigtree — made a Freedom of Information Act, (“FOIA”), request to obtain vaccine safety reports from the Dept. of Health & Human Services, (“HHS”).  Notably, HHS is the federal agency responsible for overseeing vaccine safety.  And, ironically, HHS just happens to be the same federal agency that plays the role of “defendant” in vaccine court!  (Yeah, it’s a major conflict of interest!)  Anyways, the 1986 Vaccine Act requires HHS — once every other year — to submit vaccine safety reports.  And so, RFK, curious as ever, made a FOIA request to obtain these vaccine safety reports.  But wait — enquiring minds wanna know — “why” did RFK wanna see these safety reports?

No Such Thing as Vaccine Safety Reports   
Frankly, we Abolitionists have always known that the feds have no vaccine safety reports!  (This goes without saying!)  And so, it would never occur to an Abolitionist to undertake a futile act — like demanding documents that we already know don’t exist!  Srsly!  However, RFK’s handlers saw an opportunity to grab headlines!  So pharma paired-up RFK with Del Bigtree — to make an official document demand on behalf of Del’s shill group, Informed Consent Action Network, “ICAN.”

del rfk

Choose Informed Refusal, Not Informed Consent!
First of all, Del Bigtree is controlled by pharma.  How do we know?–because ICAN fights for the “right to consent” to vaccines.  Hello?!  Pharma uses the term “informed consent” because it influences the outcome of the patient’s vaccine decision!  But we use our own term, “informed refusal” — to sway others towards our cause — to urge them to refuse vaccines!  C’mon!  No sane person consents to poison in the first place!  Wake UP!  Choose informed refusal, not informed consent!  Check us on Facebook: Informed Refusal Action Network! (“IRAN”).  Click on link —>>


RFK’s Freedom of Information Act Request
On Aug. 25, 2017, acting as ICAN’s lawyer, RFK directed an official FOIA request to HHS — demanding the vaccine safety reports.  But ask yourself:  when RFK made his FOIA request to see the vaccine safety reports, didn’t he already know that the feds have no vaccine safety reports?  (Hmm?)  For Chrissake — of course he knew!  Everyone knows that the federal gov’t has no vaccine safety reports!  But this was RFK’s chance to shine — to grab headlines!  And so, they hatched a plan — to get HHS into court — to make them officially admit the obvious — i.e., that no vaccine safety reports exist.  And then they would sensationalize RFK’s lawsuit — using shills like Erin the Nutter — as part of a larger plan to nominate RFK for Vaccine Czar in the Trump Administration.  #BestLaidPlans

ERIN 06 a
Erin the Health Nutter – “Throwin’ it!”

How Did HHS Respond to RFK’s Request?
To recap, RFK made an official request — to see HHS vaccine safety reports — which everybody knows don’t exist!  So, how did HHS respond?  Did HHS simply admit the obvious, i.e., that no safety reports exist?  No, HHS ignored RFK’s request — and this is a sure sign of a false flag event!  Why?–because if HHS ignores RFK’s request — then RFK will definitely sue, (but this was all along the intended result, right?).  #ProblemReactionSolution

Not Believable that HHS Would Ignore Kennedy!
Must we state the obvious?  HHS is well-acquainted with a New York attorney named RFK, Jr.!  Obviously!  So, after HHS received an official document request from the mighty Kennedy, the folks at HHS just decided to blow him off and ignore him?  Sure … um … okay … sounds legit … NOT!

HHS Failed to Respond  
Remarkable as it sounds, HHS did ignore RFK!  And this is truly wild!  Remember, HHS knows it has no safety reports, right?  So why not simply respond: “Sorry, RFK, Jr., but HHS has no vaccine safety reports.”  This would have been the logical response because, again, if HHS fails to respond, then RFK will surely sue — and HHS doesn’t need extra lawsuits — especially the ones they can easily avoid!  But instead, HHS ignored RFK — as if they wanted RFK to sue!

The Powers That Be  
Behind the scenes, the Powers That Be (“PTB”) were setting up a sham lawsuit to allow RFK to grab headlines — to gain exposure for RFK at a national level — to work with Trump — to promote pharma’s vaccine agenda.  And so, the PTB ordered HHS to “stand down” — to not respond to RFK’s document request — and then, predictably, RFK took the bait and filed suit.

ERIN 23 bb
Erin the Health Nutter 
Tryin’ to Catch a Trick’s Eye

RFK Files a Lawsuit Against HHS 
On April 12, 2018, RFK filed the lawsuit, ICAN vs. HHS, in a New York federal court.  Two months later, on June 27, 2018, HHS caved-in and finally admitted the obvious — i.e., that no vaccine safety reports exist.  (“Duh!”)  And then, RFK and HHS shook hands, buried the hatchet, and entered into a “stipulation,” (aka “settlement agreement”), and the lawsuit ended.  Read the “stipulation” —>>

ICAN vs. HHS – Kennedy Dismisses His Own Case!

RFK Did Not Win the Lawsuit — It Settled! 
RFK did not “win” the lawsuit!  Nobody won.  It was a “tie.”  The case ended with a settlement agreement.  RFK then voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit, which of course, means RFK did not “win.”

RFK landmark win FINAL

No Attorney’s Fees for ICAN
In the ICAN settlement agreement, there is no award of attorney’s fees, which proves that nobody “won!”  Remember, in FOIA lawsuits, the winning party is entitled to recover attorney’s fees.  However, the fact that RFK was not awarded attorney’s fees is proof positive that RFK did not “win!”

RFK – Liar, Liar!
Okay, so RFK knows he didn’t “win” the HHS lawsuit, but that won’t stop him from lying about it!  On Aug. 31, 2018, RFK tweeted, “We win milestone lawsuit against HHS!”  (Srsly?)  This shyster actually pretends he “won!”  (I know, right?!)  No, Buster Brown!  You didn’t win shit!  The case settled — and you know it — because you signed your own GD name on the settlement agreement! #GTFO!

rfk hhs tweet edit

RFK -4- Vaccine Czar   
As you probably know, pharma is grooming RFK to be Trump’s Vaccine Czar!  And who better than a pro-vaxxer?  In his book, Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak, RFK writes:  “I am pro-vaccine.  I had all six of my children vaccinated.  I believe that vaccines have saved the lives of hundreds of millions.”  Stop right there!  RFK admits to being a pro-vaxxer!  #DangerWillRobinson  #ControlledOPP


RFK – Pro-Vaxxer!
In his own words, RFK calls himself “pro-vaccine!”  RFK is an enemy of all humanity.  Period!  But here’s a tantalizing question:  How did a pro-vaxxer like RFK get to be leader of the anti-vax movement?  (“Shh!“–pharma set it up that way!)

rfk evil 77

RFK – Child Abuser!
Perhaps most disturbing, RFK is loud ‘n proud about vaccinating his six kids!  But RFK should be charged with child abuse — for knowingly poisoning his own kids!  C’mon!  Doesn’t RFK know and understand that all vaccines are poison?  Isn’t RFK supposed to be America’s premiere vaccine lawyer?  Either RFK is totally clueless about the poisonous nature of vaccines, or RFK knowingly poisoned his own kids.  (Re-read the last sentence.)

RFK = Pharma’s Puppet 
RFK claims that “vaccines have saved the lives of hundreds of millions,” but this is the surest proof that RFK is plugging pharma’s agenda.  No vaccine ever saved anybody’s life!  Is RFK really that ignorant?  Or, is he just a paid advertisement?–reading from pharma’s teleprompter — spouting pharma propaganda?!  Truth is, RFK is the anti-Christ! #666

rfk backwards

Snake Oil Salesmen
RFK and Del Bigtree are just a couple of sneaky snake oil salesmen — selling the False Promise of Safe Vaccines!  But don’t buy it!  Ask yourself:  when Congress removes the mercury from the vaccines — and RFK declares the vaccines are “safe” — are you going to rush down to CVS and get a flu shot?  Are you ready to vaccinate your kids with RFK’s “safe” vaccines?

Nothing Changes at HHS 
The lamest part of RFK’s little charade is that it achieved nothing and changed nothing.  Nobody at HHS was cited or fined.  Nobody at HHS got in trouble.  And most humorously, nobody at HHS is required to submit any vaccine safety reports now or at any time in the future.  Nope!  Despite all the glorious RFK headlines, it’s back to business-as-usual for HHS — no vaccine safety reports for America!  “Saw-ree!”

RFK Created No Legal Precedent
Contrary to what Erin the Nutter says, RFK’s lawsuit against HHS created no legal precedent.  Why?–because settlements don’t create precedent.  To create precedent, one side must actually “win.”  But in the HHS vs. ICAN lawsuit, nobody won — the case settled — so there’s no precedent.  #TheMoreYouKnow

Erin the Health Nut 
(Crisis Actor/Model)

Why Did RFK Fail to Enforce the Reporting Requirement?
That’s the Million Dollar Question!  Why did RFK fail to ask the judge to make HHS follow the law and actually “do” the vaccine safety reports?  RFK could have told the court:  “Your Honor, please enforce the reporting requirements of the 1986 Vaccine Act — and order HHS to start submitting the required vaccine safety reports!”  So, why did RFK fail to speak these words?–because pharma didn’t put those words in RFK’s teleprompter — that’s why!  And nothing changes at HHS.

Million Dollar Question–
In her article celebrating RFK’s supposed landmark victory, Erin the Health Nutter closes by asking the Million Dollar Question: “Will HHS finally be held accountable for their failure, or will the vaccine industry continue to spread its toxic injections without fear of government scrutiny?”  (LoL!)  No, Erin Finn, HHS will never be held accountable — and the vaccine industry will continue to spread — thanks to black-hearted dissemblers like you and RFK!  #YouHeardMe

T h e   E n d


“How much nut could a health nut nut–
if a health nut could nut nut?”
Enigma Wrapped in a Riddle, Served with Chilean Sea Bass, Crusted in Lime Powder, with Black Andalusian Truffles, Smothered in Hollandaise Sauce!

Erin Elizabeth dead doctors edit

Produced and Directed by TMP’s Midnight Minions
in association with Chapter Eleven Productions,
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Copyright 2018

“The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.”
Maximilien Robespierre


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  1. You attack an anti-vaxer? She’s beautiful, you’re a jackhole, and obviously not that intelligent. Have some class, cripes.


    1. Awe, Lisa, were you smoking crack when you made this comment? ‘she’s beautiful’???? So as long as you are “beautiful” paid prostitute in higher class, it is A-OK, to be a paid shill and a pretend Anti-Vaxxer??


  2. I completely disagree, respectfully. RFK and companions definitely DID “win,” in that they forced the agencies to accept a consent decree that they had FAILED in their duty under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA.) I believe that this is merely the first result of a calculated strategy that will bring the “house of cards” that is the vaccination program i in the USA, especially, but also around the world – tumbling down.

    Once they are forced (as I believe they will eventually be) to actually DO an unbiased study (after several laughable obfuscations, most likely) and then inevitably have to conclude that the harm far exceeds the benefits, things will change so fast it will make heads spin!


  3. I literally stumbled across your link. I am so glad I did. It is so hard to navigate these treacherous vaccine/political waters right now. I am not afraid of truth or the willingness to see it even if it proves me wrong. Ignorance is a dangerous and often deadly thing.
    So many calling evil good and good evil.
    So, for now, I am following you with caution. However, so far, everything I’ve read resonates truth. It’s quite a lonely walk at times to seek truth amidst the lies. Keep it up! 👍🏼


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