“HHS Sued to Enforce Vaccine Reporting – Media Blackout in Full Effect!”

HHS Sued to Enforce Vaccine Reporting!
Media Blackout in Full Effect!

HHS Lawsuit – Media Blackout
On Dec. 21, 2018, several brave members of the Vaccine Abolition Society filed suit against Health & Human Services, (“HHS”).  The lawsuit, Ritts vs. Azar, [2:18-cv-10591-MWF], seeks to force HHS — for the first time in 33 years — to perform its legal duties to prepare vaccine reports for Congress.  However, not one single media outlet will cover this landmark lawsuit — which is proof positive that pharma controls the media!

Federal Vaccine Law 
In 1986, Congress immunized vaccine makers from personal injury lawsuits.  The 1986 Vaccine Act prohibits Americans from suing vaccine makers for childhood vaccine injuries.  If your child dies in an SUV rollover, you can always sue Ford or Chevy; however, if your child dies in a vaccine rollover, you cannot sue Merck or Pfizer.  Why?–just because!  That’s why!

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Vaccine Reporting Requirements
With the 1986 Vaccine Act, Congress bestowed upon vaccine makers the precious gift of immunity from lawsuits—and vaccine makers hit the “motherlode!”  Since 1986, vaccine production has tripled! ($$$)  So what did Congress bestow upon the American people?  The 1986 law requires that HHS develop childhood vaccines that result in fewer and less serious adverse reactions.  To achieve this, the law requires that HHS periodically prepare vaccine reports — to inform Congress of what steps, if any, have been taken to ensure fewer and less serious adverse reactions.

HHS Abandons its Duty to the American People 
Remarkably, since the law was passed back in 1986, no HHS Secretary has ever prepared the Congressional vaccine reports that federal law requires.  Stated another way, since 1986, no member of Congress has ever asked HHS to see the required reports.  Long story short, nobody in Washington, D.C. gives an owl hoot about the American people.  (That’s real.)

Conflicts of Interest 
So, why do the feds refuse to do vaccine reporting?  Why?–because our trusted government officials have blatant conflicts of interest with their former employers — which they’re now supposed to regulate.  For example, the current HHS Secretary, Alex Azar, from 2012 to 2017, was president of Eli Lilly and Co., a pharmaceutical manufacturer, and he was also on the board of directors of Biotechnology Innovation Organization, (“BIO”), a pharmaceutical lobby.  #TheMoreYouKnow

“Unavoidably Unsafe” 
Many believe that HHS fails to do vaccine reporting simply because HHS knows and understands that “adverse side effects” are unavoidable.  Apparently, HHS views the vaccine reporting requirements as pointless and futile.  Notably, the Supreme Court in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, [562 U.S. 223 (2011)], held that all vaccines are presumed to come with “unavoidable adverse side effects” — in other words, “unavoidably unsafe.”

Design Defects Presumed
In the Bruesewitz case, the Supreme Court held that all vaccines are presumed to come with design defects.  And that’s why the Powers That Be, (“PTB”), won’t allow lawsuits against vaccine makers, i.e., because the industry would lose every single lawsuit — because all vaccines presumably come with design defects.  If lawsuits were allowed against vaccine makers, the “design defect presumption” would persuade every juror to find liability.  Remarkably, in the history of the world, vaccines are the only consumer product ever presumed to come with built-in design defects.  (Just marinate on that for a moment…).

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The Truth About Vaccines 
All vaccines are calculated to cause harm — even in small amounts — and those small amounts accumulate over time — and eventually become autoimmune disease.  All vaccines are calculated to impair fertility, alter DNA, slow population growth, and create lifelong pharma customers.  There’s no such thing as “safe” vaccines — because all vaccines are designed to kill and disable — and there’s no “safe” way to kill or disable.

The Last Best Hope for Humanity 
Once you conclude that vaccination, in reality, is “weaponized medicine,” you’ll then conclude that Abolition is the only way to stop the vaccine genocide.  Truth is, vaccine abolition is the last best hope for humanity!

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Ingmar Bergman’s – “The Abolitionist” – opens January 31, 2019
New Beverly Cinema, 7165 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, Calif. 90036

How to End the Autism Epidemic 
Everybody wants to be a truth-teller, but few are bold enough to actually tell the truth!  We tell it like it is — vaccine abolition is the only way to end the autism epidemic.

Abolitionism is the fastest growing vaccine movement — because we deliver the most truth.  Guaranteed!  But too much truth can be off-putting for even the choosiest moms, like Melissa Attaway, of Bakersfield, Calif.  Our I-Team interviewed Attaway at a local Target store.  Attaway dished the dirt:  “Seriously?–those Abolitionists are totally cray-cray!” 

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“All Childhood Vaccine Injuries Begin with Vaccine Choice.”
The Abolitionist – January 1955

Attaway Defends Del Bigtree 
Attaway was irate that an I-Team member criticized her matinee idol, Del Bigtree.  Attaway insisted:  “There is NO proof that Del Bigtree is controlled by pharma.”  Our I-Team then asked Attaway to explain why Del participates in the media blackout of America’s first-ever lawsuit to make HHS do their job.

So Why Does Del Participate in the Blackout?
Attaway explained:  “Simple answer — TMP is a loon!”  She added: “Besides, what if those idiots lose?  As a warrior mom, I say it’s better NOT to sue — because they might lose.”  Attaway explained: “It’s better to never have tried at all, which is what I teach my kids — never try to actually win — and always criticize those who do!”

What Would Harriet Tubman Do?
Our I-Team asked Attaway — if she could time-travel back to slavery days, before the Civil War, would she shout in the streets to raise slavery awareness?  Would she fight for safer plantations?  For slavery choice?  For informed consent to work as a slave?  Or, would she raise her fists towards heaven — and demand the unconditional abolition of slavery?  But Attaway never answered.  She just rolled her eyes, gave I-Team members the middle-finger salute, then walked away.

Worldwide Vaccine Abolition Now! 
Okay!  Who’s crunchier? — ex-vaxxers or Abolitionists?  Why be an ex-vaxxer when you can be an Abolitionist?  Raise your voice with ours — demand worldwide vaccine abolition now!  🙂

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Pharma Controls the Media
In fact, they own it.  As a result, no media outlet — anywhere in the world — will cover our landmark HHS lawsuit.  Remember, when RFK sued HHS, pharma wanted you to know about it — because his lawsuit changed nothing — so naturally, pharma promotes it via their controlled network, i.e., #Natural News, #Mercola, #GreenMedInfo, #VacTruth.com, etc.  In contrast, Pharma does not want you to know about our lawsuit — because it’s calculated to actually change things at HHS — so naturally, the media goes silent…

Moral of the Story
In recent months, dozens of news outlets published articles on RFK’s HHS lawsuit — but ironically, those exact same outlets must now ignore our HHS lawsuit, which is proof positive that pharma controls those outlets — and RFK too!

Be the Media
Neither the mainstream nor alternative media are allowed to mention our lawsuit; therefore, you must be the media.  News this important must be shared with others.  It’s up to you.  Share widely!

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Produced and Directed by TMP’s Midnight Minions
in association with Chapter Eleven Productions,
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Copyright 2019

“Inside every anti-vaxxer,
there’s an Abolitionist trying to get out!”
T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.






6 thoughts on ““HHS Sued to Enforce Vaccine Reporting – Media Blackout in Full Effect!”

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  1. You want to be a voice for those who are anti-vaccine but yet you allow people to bully and harass those same people in the community. You let people lie and claim they are big Pharma when they are not and you continue to harass people on Instagram claiming your name. You should be ashamed. It ruins those of us trying to protect the anti-vaccine community.

    alarmclockforsheepleofficial continues to harass my friend Dawn and her family. Chikdrens photos and names and info are being displayed. It is digusting. A bad example of the anti vaccine movement and gives us all a bad name.


  2. Any updates on the “landmark” HHS lawsuit of all time? The paper trail seems to end when the Docket was transferred to DC October 01, 2019 and Azar seems to be tied up in Taiwan at the moment!

    Being the single biggest event in the anti-vaccine history, why not “Be the Media” and practice what you preach by publishing the Petition docs on your site for the whole world to see so we don’t have to pay the search fees online. After all, you are suppose to be representing the common good for all of humanity, at least you could let us see exactly what is going on in this case. Much thanks for your super-hero efforts…

    “News this important must be shared with others. It’s up to you (TMP). Share widely!”

    p.s. If vaccine abolition is the “last best hope for humanity,” then what is the first best hope?


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