*The Great Population Reset*

*The Great Population Reset*by T. Matthew Phillips, Attorney-at-Law T H E   C L O C K   i s   T I C K I N G The Word Population Clock now stands at 7.8 billion souls. It's one hundred seconds before midnight -- on the Eve of Doomsday. A handful of billionaires agree that 9 out... Continue Reading →

“Asymptomatic-19: The False-Positive Scam!”

"The "asymptomatic" diagnosis is a scam designed to cover-up false-positive test results!" T. Matthew Phillips, Esq. WORST EPIDEMIC EVER Europeans arrived in modern-day Mexico back in 1511 -- survivors of a Spanish shipwreck, the Santa María de la Barca.  The native population of Mexico then numbered around 30 million.  But before the century ended, more... Continue Reading →

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