“Asymptomatic-19: The False-Positive Scam!”

“The “asymptomatic” diagnosis is a scam designed to cover-up false-positive test results!”
T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.

Europeans arrived in modern-day Mexico back in 1511 — survivors of a Spanish shipwreck, the Santa María de la Barca.  The native population of Mexico then numbered around 30 million.  But before the century ended, more than 50 million would die of contagion; by the year 1600, only about 2 million remained.

The Spanish Conquistadores had introduced smallpox — the deadly scourge of Europe — the most lethal pathogen of all-time.  Smallpox decimated the locals.  The native peoples of Mexico suffered perhaps the worst epidemic in the history of ever.

cortes edit

Since the dawn of time, smallpox has killed more humans than any other cause of death.  In the 20th century alone, smallpox killed over 300 million worldwide — more than all the century’s wars — plus plane, train and automobile wrecks — combined.

Five hundred years ago, smallpox wiped-out the indigenous peoples of modern-day Mexico.  The disease ravaged Los Aztecas and their rich culture — which had produced sophisticated law, music and architecture.  Smallpox devastated Teotihuacán, where the locals built pyramids to the sun and moon — as well as the shining city of Tenochtitlan, where over a quarter million inhabitants once lived.

mexican sand castle FINALEEE

Smallpox conquered the locals far more effectively than Spanish firearms.  For the native peoples of Mexico, it was a near-extinction event with a staggering death rate that exceeded 90%.

Smallpox was particularly lethal for the locals because they never learned about quarantine procedures — and the Spaniards never bothered telling them.

Faced with apocalypse, the indigenous peoples of ancient Mexico chose compassion.  They never abandoned those who fell ill.  They held hands with the dying.  Not surprisingly, the contagion spread like wildfire throughout ancient Mexico.

The Conquistadores told the locals they could flatten the smallpox curve — if only they’d kneel before the Spanish god.  The Conquistadores explained that the Aztec gods, about 200 in all, had deserted the locals.  It was the crucifix that kept the Spaniards safe.  Mexico has been Catholic ever since.

The Conquistadores then gave Los Aztecas a final middle-finger salute by building churches atop the former Aztec houses of worship — just to reemphasize the point.

The point is this: the historical record is silent as to “asymptomatic” smallpox!  Despite billions of smallpox cases throughout the ages, there are zero historical accounts of “asymptomatic smallpox.”  In fact, there are zero historical accounts of asymptomatic anything!  (Get it?)

“Asymptomatic” is a sketchy medical diagnosis — which says that you have a dreaded disease — but no symptoms of the dreaded disease!  Um, okay, maybe you don’t have a dreaded disease in the first place!

lea massari 01

The state-run media reports case after case of “asymptomatic” C-19 victims.  But it’s all a con-job!  The “asymptomatic” diagnosis is a scam designed to cover-up false-positive test results!

Note: C-19 testing is always inaccurate because they never isolate a whole, intact virus under the microscope!  Instead, they test only for partial, genetic fragments (which may or may not have originated from the virus).  Naturally, this imprecise testing protocol yields inaccurate test results — and “false positives” galore!

Remember, big money is riding on “positive” test results!  They want you to be “positive” — even when you’re not — because higher infection rates yield more emergency relief dollars!

bill gates alfred e. neuman NWO

The “asymptomatic” scam  began in 1906 with the legend of Typhoid Mary.  It was a contrived media event, (a “false flag”), perpetrated by the medical establishment and broadcast in the mainstream media — the Hearst newspaper empire!

They sought to fool the masses into believing a bold and devious lie — i.e., that a person can be infected — with no sign of infection — but still infect others!  (How is this even possible?!)  A 37-year old Irish immigrant named Mary Mallon would be their “patsy.”

According to legend, Mary Mallon worked as a cook for affluent New York families.  They say she was “permanently infected” with typhoid fever; (wait … “permanently infected?”).  More curious still, Mary had no typhoid symptoms, (no fever, no vomiting, no diarrhea, etc.).  She was perfectly healthy!  Nevertheless, she supposedly infected about half a dozen families with typhoid fever.

Stop right there.  Mary Mallon infected no one.  Lack of indoor plumbing is the culprit.  Back then, typhoid fever was common because they had lousy hygiene and no sanitation.  Fecal matter was everywhere.  In 1906, typhoid fever claimed the lives of 639 New Yorkers.  But to blame Mary Mallon for starting epidemics is ridiculous!


Typhoid is not contagious!  It is not caused by close-quarters contact; rather, it’s caused by eating foods contaminated with fecal matter.  And this typhoid factoid is essential to understanding the Typhoid Mary scam.

Remember, typhoid is not an air-borne pathogen, it’s a food-borne pathogen.  Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection caused by eating foods contaminated with Salmonella (found in fecal matter).  Modernly, typhoid fever is known as Salmonella poisoning.

If Mary Mallon’s world-famous peach ice cream really did infect folks with typhoid fever, then her ice cream must’ve been laced with fecal matter.  And, if the fecals were accidental, then it’s a “hygiene” issue; or, if the fecals were purposeful, then it’s a “poisoning” event; but, in either case, nothing to do with “contagion.”

Sadly, New York health inspectors put the screws to Mary Mallon.  The poor Irish lass spent over 25 years as a prisoner in forcible quarantine — on a bleak island in the East River — locked-up without due process of law.  😦

The American Medical Association gave her a catchy nickname: “Typhoid Mary.”  The Hearst newspaper empire then put her story on blast.  Mary Mallon became an instant celebrity — a media sensation!  She was the first person ever diagnosed with a disease — but no symptoms — yet somehow able to infect others.  (Get it?)

The AMA then gave poor Mary a brand new medical status: “asymptomatic carrier.”  A hundred years later, this status is suddenly back in vogue again!

Today, there are millions of C-19 carriers!  In fact, C-19 holds the world’s record for most “asymptomatic carriers” ever!  (Surprised?)

covid doctors

The state-run media now reports a whopping 33% – 50% of C-19 sufferers have no symptoms!  In other words, 35% – 50% of C-19 sufferers wouldn’t even know they were infected — but for the lab test — which yields false-positives more than half the time!

The Asymptomatic-19 scam is calculated to bamboozle!  They want you to believe you are infected with the killer disease — even though you have no symptoms of the killer disease.  (Get it?)

But how can it be a killer disease?–when more than a third of the doomed demonstrate no symptoms of doom?!  Maybe it’s not a killer disease…

corona killer virus

Sure, you may feel fine — but the lab says otherwise!  And the lab is always right because, well, you know, “science.”

And herein lay the problem — there’s no way to disprove the lab results!

How can you challenge your “asymptomatic” diagnosis?  (Um, you can’t!)  It’s impossible to challenge their test protocols or their test results.  It’s rigged that way.

corona pulp final

“Asymptomatic” translates to “no symptoms of disease,” which means healthy!

“Asymptomatic” is just the doctor’s way of saying: “You are perfectly healthy!” 

Historically, quarantine has been for sick people.  But today, with C-19, we see quarantine for healthy people.  (Get it?)

Welcome to the N.W.O. — where the perfectly healthy are presumed to be disease carriers — supposedly putting everyone at risk — despite the fact that they are perfectly healthy!

We argue: “Innocent until proven guilty — and — healthy until proven sick.”

Breathe in, breathe out!  You are perfectly healthy!  Don’t let nobody tell you otherwise.  🙂

T H E   E N D

O R  I S  I T ?

covid professor

Written, Produced, and Directed by TMP’s Midnight Minions
in association with Chapter Eleven Productions,
Fly-By-Night Management Services, and
Neurotica Entertainment Group

Copyright 2020 – by T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.

“If fools did not go to market,
cracked pots and false wares would not be sold.”
Clifford Irving

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  1. Love your articles so much. Thank you for another great one! I think you wrote this before the WHO came out and said asymptotic transmission is “very rare,” right?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, interesting points. I have a question though: how does this supposed state of being an asymptomatic carrier (which you are saying cannot be possible and therefore cannot be spread to others) differ from the state of being an asymptomatic carrier of pathogens such as polio and pertussis due to being vaccinated with OPV & the pertussis vaccine which we know does spread and infect unvaccinated or non-immune individuals?


  3. It’s No Different than the flu – it changes, from person to person, there is No Way to make an effective “vaccine” The test shown positive when people have tested a vegetable, animals test positive, Any human that has or had a sore throat, cold, mild flue, will test positive – ITS ALL A SCAM!!!!


      1. A question, sir. I had been ‘diagnosed’ with a positive result. No arguing with any of the points you and countless others have made. For one month, not unlike a lot of other folks, I have been without taste and smell and wonder if it might ever return. Do you have any thoughts on what might prompt something like this,fully keeping in mind that you are not a medical professional; just asking your opinion; in the event that there really isn’t an isolated virus? I thank you, kindly.


  4. I’ve got a pool in my backyard, and this year, I can’t find a Ph test that I trust. One test tells me the Ph is always spot-on. The other test tells me it is WAY out of whack. As for Typhoid, it is a blood-borne disease, and this paper from the year 2000 is quite astonishing:

    New Advances in the Diagnosis of Typhoid and Detection of Typhoid Carriers (July 2000)

    … In the quest of developing an accurate test for typhoid fever, THERE IS A NEED TO DISCOVER ANTIGENS SPECIFIC FOR TYPHOID DIAGNOSIS. The finding of such an antigen can lead to diagnostics for carrier detection as well. Studies have been done throughout the years to search for the specific antigen. Attempts at utilizing the antigens toward the development of a suitable diagnostic test have been reported with variation in sensitivity and specificity. …

    The value of the Widal test, which uses the bacterial agglutination technique for the diagnosis of typhoid and paratyphoid fevers, has been assessed by several investigators. In endemic areas where culture facilities are lacking or limited, the Widal test remains among the few tests available to differentiate enteric infection from other illnesses due to bacteria, viruses or animal parasites (7). However, it is also recognised that agglutination tests have serious shortcomings (8). Discrepancies in results between laboratories or even within the same laboratory have been reported especially when preparations of the antigens had come from different sources (9,10). There is also evidence that among patients who have been proven as typhoid cases, detection of antibody against the O and H antigens has not been demonstrated by the Widal test (11). On the other hand, ANTIBODIES AGAINST SALMONELLA TYPHI HAVE BEEN DETECTED AMONG NONTYPHOID SALMONELLA INFECTIONS (12) AND SOMETIMES EVEN IN DISEASES NOT CAUSED BY SALMONELLA (13). …


  5. From the same study I quoted previously (New Advances in the Diagnosis of Typhoid and Detection of Typhoid Carriers):

    … The current gold standard to detect for carriers is by means of STOOL CULTURE. This is not only tedious and costly, it also has a low sensitivity [meaning that there would be lots of false-negative test results; is this just an assumption???] (39). Multiple bacteriological examination of stools are also necessary to make a reliable diagnosis due to intermittent or light fecal excreters among carriers. There have been studies on CARRIERS that showed positive fecal culture ONLY AFTER 196 NEGATIVE CULTURE RESULTS (40). …


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