*The Great Population Reset*

*The Great Population Reset*
by T. Matthew Phillips, Attorney-at-Law

T H E   C L O C K   i s   T I C K I N G

The Word Population Clock now stands at 7.8 billion souls.

It’s one hundred seconds before midnight — on the Eve of Doomsday.

A handful of billionaires agree that 9 out of 10 humans are useless eaters.

The Powers That Be urgently wish to reset the World Population Clock — before it strikes midnight — before catastrophic overpopulation irreversibly leads to human extinction.

The essentials now work to eliminate the nonessentials.

And, just like that — quicker than you can say, “Crimes against humanity” — they produce an experimental vaccine — at warp speed.

Get it?

Vaccines are The Final Solution.

T H E   F I N A L   S O L U T I O N

Vaccines don’t have to actually work.

They just have to be mandatory — like Windows Updates.

Remember, those who advocate sustainable population growth are the same ones who wanna save your life with a vaccine.  (*wink-wink!*)

And they will insist on the right to “save your life” — by any means necessary — for the greater good.

T H E   R O A D   t o   F A S C I S M

The road to fascism is paved with compliance. 

Most will comply with medical tyranny because they want it to end.

But, because they comply, it might never end.

Your compliance only encourages them to demand ever greater sacrifices.

And, the road to fascism always leads to war — in this case, the War on Overpopulation.

T H E   W A R   o n   O V E R P O P U L A T I O N

Out of sheer gullibility, most will submit to vaccines.

Others will submit to vaccines to save their jobs.

Millions of Americans will die.

Those who survive will be sterilized, permanently disabled, and pharma-dependent — for life.

T H E   G R E A T   D Y I N G

The Great Dying will be blamed on the Covids.  

And nobody will suspect the vaccine.

History books will teach future generations that a deadly pathogen wiped-out the masses — and the underlying genocidal truth will remain forever concealed. 

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it, while those of us who do remember the past are condemned to sit by helplessly and watch everyone else repeat it!”

C O M I N G   S O O N

They will mandate facemasking — in your home — while showering and sleeping.

They will mandate facemasking — in your car — with the windows rolled-up.

And, despite all the Purell, social distancing, facemasking, vaccines, and never-ending boosters — the virus will continue to surge — as it spawns new and ever more lethal variants — wave after pre-planned wave.  

Because some curves are not meant to be flattened.

Are you paying attention?

Q U E S T I O N   E V E R Y T H I N G

Regrettably, few have the courage to ask:

If the masks work, then why the social distancing?

If the social distancing works, then why the masks?

If either works, then why the vaccines?

If the vaccines work, then why the never-ending boosters?

If YOUR vaccine works, then why do I need one?

And, if vaccines are safe, then how come we can’t sue vaccine makers?

R E S I S T   N O W ! 

All Holocaust survivors regret not having fought-back earlier — at the first pinprick of fascism.

Fear is the currency of control.

Compliance is folly.

The time to resist is now.

T H E   S I G N P O S T   U P   A H E A D

Ask a pro-vaxxer:  “How many booster shots will you get before you conclude they don’t work?”  They cannot answer.  Their minds are no longer their own.

How long will you continue wearing face coverings?”  With a glassy-eyed, thousand-yard stare, they will predictably respond: “As long as it takes.”

Your health care provider will soon cancel your health insurance — unless you submit to a booster every 90 days.  If you go more than 90 days without a booster, you will be considered “un-vaccinated.”  And they will blame YOU for every outbreak.

Expect Health Freedom Checkpoints — at major intersections — to catch unvaccinated drivers — like they catch drunk drivers.  They will legally detain you — and forcibly inject you — with whatever they deem necessary.

Pfizer and Moderna — architects of genocide — will be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize — as the virus surges! 

F O O D   F I G H T

Forced relocations lay on the horizon.

You will soon be relocated to a Covid Detention Center, (“CDC”), or a Virus Free Green Zone, (“VFGZ”), depending on exposure levels.  Vaccines required for entry.

For those who are “relocation hesitant,” expect hyper-inflation, food shortages, exorbitant food prices, food riots, and widespread hunger.

When hunger becomes intolerable, folks will voluntarily board the railroad boxcars — for the promise of a hot meal and, you guessed it, donuts…

S I G N S   a n d   W O N D E R S

mandatory Covid tests…

mandatory temperature checks…

mandatory masks…

mandatory vaccines…

mandatory urine samples…

mandatory blood draws…

mandatory organ donations…

mandatory genetic modifications…

mandatory sterilizations…

and mandatory euthanasia…

all for the greater good!

I T ‘ S   N O T   P U B L I C   H E A L T H   –   I T ‘ S   V I O L E N C E

Stop and think.

They don’t give free insulin to diabetics.

They don’t give free inhalers to asthmatics.

And they don’t give free chemotherapy to cancer patients.

But the vaccines are free — and so are the donuts.

It’s not public health — it’s violence!

Obedience is not a virtue.


–  T H E   E N D  –

F A M O U S   L A S T   W O R D S

“Oh, c’mon!  They would never do THAT to us!”
“And, if they ever did, it would be on the six o’clock news.”

media hoe arg

“Fear of disease killed more men than disease itself.”
– Mahatma Gandhi –

CAT MEME unvaxxed

Produced and Directed by TMP’s Midnight Minions
in association with Chapter Eleven Productions,
Fly-By-Night Management Services, and
Neurotica Entertainment Group

Copyright 2021 – by T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.

“Freedom means nothing
if you can’t keep the government out of your body.”
~  T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.  ~



7 thoughts on “*The Great Population Reset*

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  1. I agree with the general message, but there is one crucial thing that needs to be addressed. (Or even two.)

    1) Since you say that one needs to remember the past (the true past, rather than some Orwellian fabrication): the so-called ‘Holocaust’ and the way fascism is depicted today are the victor’s deceptive tale in order to prevent people from understanding that genuine transcendence is an essential positive rather than a horrible negative.
    I notice your post seems to spin the official version of both, but for anyone willing to look at it seriously, revisionist work has debunked the myth. (And many people have been jailed or even still are. You may not — yet — be subjected to this in the United States, but in old Europe, many of us already live under that iron ‘anti-denialist’ CrimeThink legal rule.)


    And they don’t give free chemotherapy to cancer patients.

    Less important to this post but extremely important in general: chemotherapy, just like radiotherapy, morphine, and the mainstream approach to cancer is just another atrocious lie on par with vaccination. I can only urge any honest reader to look for the work of the late Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, who essentially understood how cancer works and solved it. Ilsedora Laker’s website is a good place to read about it:
    You can also find detailed books on Z-Library, for instance.
    (My Minds account also speaks about this, in French.)
    In a nutshell: ‘cancer’ is the second phase of body and brain’s psychosomatic response to a specific type of shock, and it should be accompanied to its term, rather than trying to destroy the cells.
    Supremacist Hasidic rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson issued a Talmudic decree in the 1980s to prevent Dr Hamer’s discoveries from being applied to Gentiles, and also to torture said Gentiles with the radiotherapy-chemotherapy-morphine ‘treatment’, while Jews get the real one. Compare the European ‘cancer’ death rate to that of Israel: theirs is something like a hundred times less, especially if you count Israel Jews rather than all Israelis.


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