Sample exemption letter based on Personal / Philosophical Beliefs

by T. Matthew Phillips, Attorney-at-Law
Calif. State Bar Lic. No. 165833

Lots of folks ask me about “religious” exemptions and “medical” exemptions, but nobody asks about “personal beliefs” and/or “philosophical beliefs” exemptions.

Lots of employers offer “religious” exemptions, and of course, “medical” exemptions, but none offer “personal beliefs” and/or “philosophical beliefs” exemptions.

And, here’s why…

The Free Exercise Clause [First Amendment] guarantees freedom of worship, (“conduct” and “rituals”), while the Establishment Clause [First Amendment] guarantees freedom of conscience, (“opinions” and “beliefs”).

Those who claim “freedom of worship” (Free Exercise Clause) must assert some religious “conduct” or “ritual” that conflicts with the jab — but this is a high hurdle. In contrast, those who claim “freedom of conscience” (Establishment Clause) need assert only a personal “opinion” or “belief” that conflicts with the jab — a lighter burden to prove.

Where one’s religious conduct or rituals conflict with the jab, exemptions lay under the Free Exercise Clause; and, where one’s personal opinions or beliefs conflict with the jab, exemptions lay under the Establishment Clause.

The Establishment Clause permits us to have core beliefs, while the Free Exercise Clause permits us to act-out on those core beliefs.

Frankly, in comparison to the Free Exercise Clause, the Establishment Clause provides a better basis for vaccine exemptions. Why? because those who assert “freedom of worship” (Free Exercise Clause) must allege that some religious CONDUCT conflicts with the jab; while, in contrast, those who assert “freedom of conscience” (Establishment Clause) must allege only that a personal BELIEF, (religious or otherwise), conflicts with the jab.

Here is an example of a “personal beliefs” and/or “philosophical beliefs” exemption. 🙂


Dear Employer,

This is not a request for religious exemption, rather, I am invoking my constitutional right to freedom of conscience, (i.e., the right to hold personal beliefs).  This document puts you on notice that I am legally exempt from vaccines based on sincerely-held personal beliefs.

The First Amendment Establishment Clause says I have a constitutional right to reject government opinions. Whether vaccines are safe and effective is a mere expression of opinion. It’s an opinion because it is impossible for anyone to verify whether vaccines are, in fact, safe and effective. Why?–because the government has never defined the terms “safe” and “effective” in relation to vaccines.     

It is my personal belief that no vaccine is safe and none are effective. All vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. American law presumes that all vaccines come with inherent risk of “unavoidable adverse side effects,” including death and permanent disability.

I believe vaccines cause autism. Genetics cannot be the cause — because vaccine packaging inserts, once upon a time, had listed autism as a vaccine side effect.

Vaccines are the only consumer product that comes with warning labels listing death and permanent disability as possible side effects of ordinary use. And, vaccines are the only consumer product that comes with no implied warranty that they will perform as intended.

No vaccine comes with a warranty that it will confer any measure of immunity, and no vaccine maker sells warranty insurance coverage. The risk outweighs the benefit — 100% guaranteed risk and zero guaranteed benefit.

All vaccines cause harm — if only in small amounts — and those small amounts accumulate over time — and eventually become autoimmune disease and chronic debilitating health issues that afflict lifelong pharma customers. 

If killed or injured, my family cannot bring a personal injury lawsuit against the clinic, the treating physician, nor the vaccine maker. 

  • No C-19 vaccine has ever been tested for carcinogenicity, (“Will it cause cancer?“).
  • No C-19 vaccine has ever been tested for mutagenicity, (“Will it alter my DNA?“).
  • No C-19 vaccine has ever been tested for neurotoxicity, (“Will it cause nerve damage or brain damage?“).
  • No C-19 vaccine has ever been tested for fertility suppression, (“Will it prevent me from having babies?“).

C-19 vaccine manufacturers make no claim that their products will actually halt the spread of disease — they claim only that their products lessen one’s personal symptoms — however, this claim of reduced symptoms lacks credibility.  

Vaccines are useless in halting the spread of disease, and facemasking is every bit as pointless. Face coverings create oxygen deficits and respiratory infections. Social distancing is inhumane.  “Asymptomatic” is not a diagnosis of illness, it’s an indicator of good health. PCR tests are inherently unreliable because the tests never isolate the supposed virus.  Booster shots serve only to prove the ineffectiveness of the original shot.  

Be advised, the First Amendment Establishment Clause provides that you may not force upon me the government’s opinions about vaccines, facemasks, social distancing, viruses, variants, PCR tests, or never-ending boosters, etc. I am a non-believer. It is unconstitutional to force people to “believe” the government’s opinions.

The government may not force me to believe that Jesus Christ confers everlasting life, nor may it force me to believe that vaccines confer protective immunity. Governmental opinions are worthless.

I do not believe in “germ theory.” I subscribe to “terrain theory.” Disease is not contracted, it’s manufactured.

If the gov’t really wanted us to be healthy, they would outlaw artificial sweeteners, tobacco, alcohol, diet soda, fluoride, pesticides, preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, etc. — and they would instead mandate organic foods, sunshine, exercise, vitamin C, and clean water.

They don’t give free insulin to diabetics … they don’t give free inhalers to asthmatics … and they don’t give free dialysis to patients with chronic kidney disease. But the vaccines are free and so are the donuts. It’s not public health, it’s violence.

I believe vaccines are designed and intended to thin-out the herd — to curb the overpopulation crisis.  I believe vaccines are bio-weapons in the government’s war on useless eaters and dum-dums. 

There is no killer contagion on the loose. Covid is a hoax. Vaccines are genocide.

Be advised, you have no right to evaluate the sincerity of my personal beliefs in the first place.   If you deny my right to be exempt, I shall instruct my attorney, T. Matthew Phillips, to sue you in federal court.

 Very Truly Yours,


Fear is the currency of control.

Compliance is folly.

Resist now.

Produced and Directed by TMP’s Midnight Minions
in association with Chapter Eleven Productions,
Fly-By-Night Management Services, and
Neurotica Entertainment Group

Copyright 2021 – by T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.

Freedom means nothing
if you can’t keep the government out of your body.”
~ T. Matthew Phillips, Esq. ~

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