“The GMO Labeling Movement is a Fraud!” – by Rudy Twomoon


Yes, TMP destroyed your Facebook anti-GMO moovement.  But how was TMP able to accomplish this feat?–he encouraged others to open their eyes!  TMP opened their eyes to the fact that the leaders of the GMO moovement are in cahoots with the targets of the GMO moovement.  That’s right — ZEN Honeycutt is in bed with Monsanto!  #FYZEN

But wait a sec … who opened TMP’s eyes?  Who gave TMP “the game” about controlled opp?–none other than legendary naturalist and philosopher, Rudy Twomoon!  And nobody has called-out more FAKE-tivists than Rudy Twomoon!  #respect

And now, without further ado, we hope to open your eyes too!  We here present the Twomoon article that opened TMP’s eyes — and ultimately shattered the GMO moovement into a thousand pieces!  #AbreLosOjos


Why is the Label GMO campaign fraudulent you ask?  Labeling enables co-existence, even gives rights to it.  Labeling criminalizes organics and creates an overlord, watched-over and ruled by chemical makers.

* GMO coexistence
* Pesticides
* Fungicides
* Chemical Fertilizer
* Antibiotics
* Makes people believe eating GMO free is the same as eating organic
* Creates more corporate ruled Government terms to be redefined and changed by chemical makers over Organic definitions.


twomoon 6
American Naturalist and Philosopher, Rudy Twomoon


GMOs need to be banned. The label campaign was created by the chemical makers in order to side track these issues. You are not protected from pesticides under the label, nor are you protected from GMOs. They just allow you to know.

You can still spray NON GMOs with toxic bio-weapon pesticides.  Organic means the plants genes are unchanged “AND” they have NO chemical growth or death stimulants.  GMO-free only means the plants genes haven’t been manipulated in a lab.  That’s all it means.

You should be asking why won’t the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) tell you this.  Over 51% of the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) members are Monsanto shareholders (installed by the USDA) or they are affiliated with them.  This is illegal according to Congress!!!

This means they are conventional (GMO and pesticide) food suppliers who own stock in organic companies.  This allows them to seat the NOSB which gives them rights to change laws defining what constitutes the term organic.

Conventional food suppliers now define what is organic or not because they head the board.  They decide what will be called organic: corn sugar, neotame, canola, pesticide allowance, natural flavorings (lab made msg), etc.

twomoon 5


The USDA enforces the definition of organic as defined by the NOSB, not the other way around. If the NOSB changes the definition, the USDA will enforce it. (Isn’t it strange how the USDA is now in control of votes inside the NOSB?).  Just like the FDA, the USDA, EPA, and the NOSB also has a revolving door.

Something to remember, stock is traded that changes day-to-day and sometimes hour-to-hour.  This is what makes it very hard to know who has what at what time.  This is done on purpose to prevent tracking.  This is how they (governments/corporations) hide the goings-on in everything.

GMOs are extremely dangerous, but they are only 1/5 of the problem and have already contaminated the food supply.  Even if you grow non-GMO crops in zones, the GMO crops surrounding them will just contaminate the non-GMOs.  The only way this contamination can be removed is to burn everything at the same time.

Conventional food makers know this, so they lose nothing by pretending to fight GMO labeling.  This whole thing is an act.  You are being manipulated.

While companies pretend to fight and lose the battle of GMO labeling, plants are still being sprayed with dangerous chemicals, something you also breathe, killing bees, contaminating livestock and feed, seeping into lakes and streams, polluting everything in its path as it travels into ocean waters destroying reefs and coral and poisoning fish.

The GMO movement is a complete and total fraud owned and run by conventional food makers and suppliers.  People are so focused on the already compromised GMOs they forget about what the real problem is — pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers, and antibiotics.  These are what has caused all the so-called climate change issues.  Not the machinery and cars.  These are what have destroyed our oceans coral systems.  These combined with 60+ years of use by 90% of all large and small farms around the world, have poisoned our streams and waterways to the oceans.  Ground, sky, and water, this is the real cause of climate change (in addition to another factor I will not mention here…).

If GMOs have to be labeled, the only ones affected will be those trying to grow organic. They will be fined and shutdown because of cross-contamination.  This law does nothing to conventional food makers, it only criminalizes organic producers!!!

What better way to take over the food supply and block organic products from reaching the people?

twomoon 2

YOU ARE BEING TRICKED INTO FIGHTING THE WRONG BATTLE.  Labeling GMOs doesn’t protect against chemical spraying.  Like the title “All Natural,” GMO-free is NOT organic!

If anything, we should be demanding the labeling of ORGANIC as originally written.  Why is it the labeling campaign wishes to label toxic products who are already labeled by their brand name: Kraft, Keebler, Coke McDonald’s, Subway, etc……what’s the point of labeling toxins when the whole thing is one giant chemical??

I don’t know if it’s this way in other countries, but here in the U.S., the GMO campaign is fake.  When they finally allow us our labels, they will have changed the definitions allowing more and more chemicals into the term organic.

This misguided cult following needs to be exposed for what it really is – a rally for self-genocide.  There is zero win for people or the planet in this label GMO campaign.

The same organizations will have more power in dictating what is considered food and medicine by the very same companies who own chemical agriculture, pharmaceutical companies, oil drilling, media brainwashing, and world banking – aka, ”The War Makers.”


twomoon 4

Copyright 2015 — Rudy Twomoon

Produced and Directed by TMP’s Midnight Minions
in association with Chapter Eleven Productions,
Fly-By-Night Management Services, and
Neurotica Entertainment Group



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  1. shared. thanks tmp and twomooon. btw… I have an indian sculpture that hangs on the wall. when it was gifted to me, it’s name was two moons. it looks like the twomoon in this article. two moon, are you by chance from Colorado?? lol.

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