“SPECIAL REPORT: SB277 Lawsuit – Unfavorable Appeals Court Ruling!”

by T. Matthew Phillips

In the constitutional challenge to SB277, [L.A. County Case No. BC 617766], the Court of Appeal in downtown L.A. has tentatively validated SB277.  The Court of Appeal declined to recognize personal or religious beliefs exemptions to mandatory vaccination of school children.  If your child does not submit to multiple doses of at least ten different vaccines, the state can lawfully refuse your child’s right to attend school.

Remember, it starts with mandatory vaccination of schoolchildren … then mandatory vaccination for school employees … then mandatory vaccination for all adults … then mandatory blood and organ donations … then mandatory genetic modification supposedly to prevent illness … then mandatory sterilization of the poor and disabled … then mandatory euthanasia for the ill and elderly.  It’s a slippery slope.  SB277 demonstrates how genocides get started.

And now that is SB277 is validated, it seems certain that mandatory adult vaccination — to obtain a driver’s license — lay just around the corner.  As the saying goes, the rising tide lifts all boats.  How long will it be before they require mandatory vaccination for attorneys — to be allowed to enter a courthouse?  Will they one day impose mandatory vaccination on judges?  On state lawmakers?

How long before they pass new laws removing medical exemptions and homeschool exemptions?  When will they remove the IEP exemptions — for children with special education needs?  At the current trajectory, mandatory vaccination awaits everyone.

And when will “mandatory” become “forcible?”  When will “forcible” come to your doorstep?  Just Imagine state vaccinators dressed in white lab coats surrounded by a dozen hyper-militarized police officers with assault weapons.  Is this what Healthy People 2020 holds for our future?

Sovetskie zhenshchiny! Bud'te v pervykh riadakh [...]

Notably, in defending SB277, the California Attorney General argued that vaccines cause no harm of any kind whatsoever, except maybe an injection site reaction, however, in stark contrast, the Court of Appeal recognized that vaccines do indeed cause injuries and death.  Remarkably, the Court writes, “No doubt injuries and deaths have been caused by vaccines,” which shows the Court is aware that vaccines kill and injure.  So, how can vaccines be “safe and effective,” as the Court concluded, while also having the capacity to kill and injure?  (Re-read the last sentence…)

The Court knowingly validates a law that directly results in dead children.  Again, the Court writes, “No doubt injuries and deaths have been caused by vaccines.”  And apparently, the Court is okay with a few injuries and deaths.  Stop right there!  This ruling violates every moral standard known to humanity.

The Court openly acknowledges, “No doubt injuries and deaths have been caused by vaccines.”  Okay, fine.  Are we supposed to be okay with that?  So, the Court is willing to accept a few injuries and deaths as an inevitable consequence of SB277?  How many vaccine-related deaths are acceptable?  Just one death is one too many, right?!  And how many more autism diagnoses are acceptable?

Just curious — do any of the judges have school-age children or grandchildren?  Do they have any relatives, K – 12, who were drafted to fight the War on Measles?  Essentially, SB277 forces our children to take their place in the ranks of the nation’s armed forces — as “human shields” — to block incoming disease vectors — and risk the chance of being shot down in defense of the nation.  How is the Court okay with this?

How on earth can the Court validate a law like SB277 – with actual knowledge that it will directly result in dead children?!  It shocks the conscience!!  They validated a law that quite literally results in death!!  Shouldn’t there be a zero tolerance policy for dead children?

What ever happened to “no child left behind?”  The Court, apparently, is willing to allow a few dead children to be left behind — strewn along the wayside — as collateral damage!  All for the greater good!  This is unmistakable the sound of jackboots goose-stepping on the cobblestones.  This is the cold, wet smell of fascism.


It boggles the mind that the Court so casually acknowledges that, “No doubt injuries and deaths have been caused by vaccines” — as if injuries and death were merely a cost of doing business.  However, it goes without saying — the 14th Amendment forbids courts from knowingly validating laws that directly result in dead children.  The Court of Appeal ruling can only be characterized as judicially-approved genocide.

Remember folks, there are no news articles on this SB277 lawsuit.  No news outlet has ever covered this lawsuit — not even the alternative media.  Nobody has ever been allowed to write about these issues.  Why?–because pharma insists on a 100% media blackout — which extends even to Facebook.  They don’t want anybody to know about this lawsuit — least of all, its shocking outcome!  Therefore, you the Reader, must be the media — because no one else will tell this story.  Tell others that genocide has now been legalized in California.  And the other dominoes will likewise soon fall … unless we resist now.

Freedom means nothing if you can’t keep the government out of your body. ~~TMP.


Copyright 2018 – T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.


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