Controlled Opp Profiles 008 – Roger Laundry (The Liberty Bacon)

Controlled Opp Profiles – Roger Laundry (The Liberty Bacon)

Controlled Opp Profiles – Roger Laundry
Roger Landry is an American shill!  Totally shill-astic!  A veteran shill for Monsanto, Roger Landry is now shillin’ for the vaccine industry!  Nowadays, former biotech shills, like ZEN Honeycutt and Roger Landry, are busy shillin’ for pharma!  #TruthBalm

Who the Hell is Roger Laundry?
Roger Landry is founder of the shill group The Liberty Bacon. (“TLB”), which features several journalists, including known pharma shill Christopher Wyatt — who recently changed his name to “Wyatt CL.”  So what’s his real name?  Nobody knows.  Wake UP!  Christopher Wyatt (aka Wyatt CL) and Roger Landry (aka Phyllis Levine) are “crisis actors!”  #NowYouKnow

Christopher Wyatt
Crisis Actor, Christopher Wyatt (aka Wyatt CL)
Staff Writer at The Liberty Bacon

What’s a “Crisis Actor?”
A “crisis actor” is a corporate or government employee — working undercover — in the mainstream media or on Facebook — to sway public opinion towards some hidden corporate or government agenda.  Crisis actors are the leaders of an opposition moovement — and they “control” the pace of the opposition moovement — which is always set to baby steps tempo!  Srsly!  And “crisis actors” typically use fake-ass names — like Del Bigtree, Andrew Fakefield, Mike Adams, Jeffrey Jaxxen, Sherry Shillpenny, B.J. Handley, Jenny McCarthyism, etc.  These so-called anti-vaxxers kinda sorta oppose vaccines — but in reality — they are career professionals who peddle soft-serve activism — which is a telltale sign that their “opposition” to vaccines is carefully “controlled” by the vaccine makers.  (Don’t be fooled!)  #BewareControlledOPP

California SB277 – Mandatory Vaxx!
On Nov. 9, 2018, The Liberty Bacon published a Roger Landry article titled: “Mandatory/ Forced Vaccinations a Blatant Violation of the Nuremberg Code.”  You guessed right — it’s a false flag article — intended to distract, deceive, and divide!  Check out Landry’s shillastic drivel —>>

SB277 – Unconstitutional?
Most amusing, Landry writes:   “With respect to Unconstitutional Laws like California’s now infamous SB277 … Once a precedent of Medical Tyranny has been set … it is Fated to Spread.”  Note: the spelling is original; shills often misspell words or use random caps to project an aura of being undereducated, which helps them maintain a grassroots persona, which in turn helps them connect with readers who, nowadays, have the smarts of a seventh grader!  And this is Landry’s target demographic — i.e., zombified sheep who read Mike Adams’ rag — Natural News!  #TrueStory

Roger Landry Misleads the Public 
Roger Landry misleads the public when he declares that SB277 is unconstitutional.  Landry tries to spread false hope that SB277 is somehow unlawful.  But the truth is, SB277 was already judged constitutional by the Calif. Court of Appeal this summer past.  However, Landry, a pharma shill, is forbidden to mention this SB277 lawsuit.  Why?–because pharma doesn’t want you to know that mandatory vaxx has already been vetted in the court system — and that it’s soon coming to your state!  #TheMoreYouKnow

Brown vs. California (2018)
On June 28, 2018, the Calif. Court of Appeal ruled that SB277 is indeed constitutional.  I know this because I am the lawyer who represented the families in that lawsuit — against the State of Calif. — challenging SB277.  Sadly, we lost.  We argued that SB277 violates the constitutional right to freedom of religion — as well as the constitutional right to attend school — and we argued that SB277 results in discrimination (vaxxed vs. non-vaxxed).  But the Court of Appeal rejected these arguments and negative legal precedent was established.  [See Brown vs. Calif. (2018); L.A. County Case No. BC617766]  Read all about it —>>

Media Blackout
Naturally, there was a total media blackout on the lawsuit, Brown vs. California.  Why?because pharma controls the media and they didn’t want anyone to know that regular folks could actually mount a legal challenge to SB277 and maintain litigation against the California Attorney General’s Office.  And still, the media blackout remains in effect!–and shills like Roger Landry must obey the media blackout — or else he will lose advertisers — which means lost ad revenue ($$$).  #TotalSellout

Advertising Revenue 
For shill outfits like The Liberty Bacon, it’s all about the ad revenue!  “Talkin’ ’bout dolla’ bills, yo!”  Truth is — when corporations spend advertising dollars at The Liberty Bacon, those corporations pay for the right to decide the content that The Liberty Bacon “chooses” to publish!  And Roger-dodger is only too happy to oblige!  And this explains why The Liberty Bacon publishes Christopher Wyatt’s lame-ass horseshit — and why Roger Landry never mentions the landmark SB277 ruling in Brown vs. California.

“Talkin’ ’bout dolla’ bills, yo!”
[See TLB Mission Statement]

The Nuremberg Code 
In his article, Mandatory/ Forced Vaccinations a Blatant Violation of the Nuremberg Code,” Roger Landry makes the shillastic argument that SB277 violates the Nuremberg Code!  But here again, Landry spreads false hope — i.e., that there’s a supposed legal solution to fix SB277!  No!–it’s all fake news!  The Nuremberg Code offers no solution to SB277!  #FakeNews

Nuremberg CodeUnenforceable  
Under California law, the Nuremberg Code is unenforceable!  Trust me, I’m a lawyer.  And remember, attorney T. Matthew Phillips is licensed to give legal advice on SB277 issues — but attorney Alan Phillips is NOT!  (#KnowTheDifference)  So check it out — California Health & Safety Code Sec. 24171(b) provides:  “Neither the Nuremberg Code nor the Declaration of Helsinki are codified under law and are, therefore, unenforceable.”  #BaddaBingBaddaBoom!

Truth, Whole Truth, and Nothing But
Roger Landry misleads the public about SB277 and the Nuremberg Code.  Landry purposely conceals the fact that SB277 already lost in the court system — as well as the fact that the Nuremberg Code, by law, is unenforceable in California.  Such is the life of a pharma shill!  #ShillLife

When You’re Fully Woke
When you’re #FullyWoke, you’ll suddenly realize that all vaccines cause harm — even if in small amounts — and that those small amounts accumulate over time and eventually become autoimmune disease … then you’ll suddenly realize that all vaccines are a hoax, that none of them work, and that any one of them can kill you … and, eventually, you’ll realize that all vaccines are weapons of war — designed to kill and injure — to slow overpopulation growth and to create lifelong pharma customers.  #TruthHitsEverybody

Worldwide Vaccine Abolition Now!
Once you’re #FullyWoke, you’ll say NO to vaccine choice — because choice kills babies!  You’ll say NO to informed consent — because no sane person consents to poison!  And you’ll say NO to safe vaccines — because none exist!  Once awakened, you’ll demand “Worldwide Vaccine Abolition Now!”  #WokeAF

Vaccine Abolition Society
So, if you’re #WokeAF — and if think you got what it takes — then come join us @ Vaccine Abolition Society!  (“Yay!”)  Remember, inside every ex-vaxxer there’s an Abolitionist trying to get out!  #YouHeardMe

Vaccine Abolition Society

~~by T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.

Produced, and Directed by TMP’s Midnight Minions
in association with Chapter Eleven Productions,
Fly-By-Night Management Services, and
Neurotica Entertainment Group

Copyright 2018

“Abolition is humanity’s last best hope.”
T. Matthew Phillips




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