“RFK Passes the Torch! TMP Sues HHS to Enforce Vaccine Reporting Requirements!”

Failure to Prepare Vaccine Safety Reports
It all began in May 2017, when President Trump selected Del Bigtree and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to meet with Health & Human Services (“HHS”).  Bigtree and Kennedy were upset because HHS fails to prepare vaccine safety reports — which federal law requires.  Bigtree and Kennedy asked HHS to see whether HHS had any of the required safety reports, but HHS had none because, as everyone knows, HHS never prepares vaccines safety reports in the first place.

Non-Existent Safety Reports
Apparently, HHS told Kennedy that no vaccine safety reports exist, but apparently, Kennedy didn’t believe them.  After stewing on it for three months, Kennedy and Bigtree then decided to make an official request — demanding that HHS produce the non-existent safety reports.  On Aug. 25, 2017, Kennedy submitted a “FOIA” request, (Freedom of Information Act), to obtain the non-existent documents.  In response, HHS just ignored Kennedy, presumably because HHS already told Kennedy that no safety reports exist — because HHS does not prepare such reports in the first place.

Kennedy Sues HHS
After eight months of being ignored — but still determined to see the non-existent safety reports — Kennedy and Bigtree filed suit against HHS on April 12, 2018.  Immediately thereafter, HHS admitted the obvious—i.e., that they have no vaccine safety reports!  At this, Kennedy was finally satisfied.  He then negotiated a settlement agreement and dismissed his lawsuit.

rfk evil 44
Actual Quote from Kennedy’s Book – “Thimerisol: Let the Science Speak”

Nothing Changed at HHS
Despite RFK’s lawsuit, nothing changed at HHS.  Nobody at HHS got in trouble for failure to prepare vaccine safety reports.  And nobody at HHS was ordered to start preparing any reports.  Remarkably, HHS admitted it does not abide by the law, but Kennedy never tried to make them actually perform their duties.  Kennedy could have asked the judge to order HHS to start preparing vaccine safety reports — but that didn’t happen.

Kennedy Fails to Enforce the Reporting Requirements
When Kennedy signed the settlement agreement with HHS, Kennedy knew that HHS was in violation of the law — for not preparing vaccine safety reports — but apparently, Kennedy is okay with that!  Srsly?  Tell me more about how much Kennedy cares about kids!  C’mon!  Why did Kennedy not “go all the way?”  Why did Kennedy not try to force HHS to actually do their job?–and start preparing vaccine safety reports, as the law requires?

RFK review
TMP’s review of RFK – which Facebook promptly deleted!

Kennedy’s Media Stunt
Was Kennedy’s lawsuit just a media stunt?  Yes!  Of course, it was!  Another false flag event for the media to hype, which is exactly what Del Bigtree does on his sitcom, LiveWire!  Del’s handlers want you to believe that Kennedy’s HHS lawsuit was a “landmark victory” — but Del ain’t foolin’ nobody.  Many free-thinkers are now openly questioning Kennedy’s lukewarm, half-hearted litigation efforts.  The public’s eyes have been opened to Kennedy’s little stunt — which has now backfired.

New Lawsuit Against HHS
Many Abolitionists are troubled by Kennedy’s half-steppin’ lawsuit, which never attempted to correct the underlying problem with HHS — i.e., their failure to prepare vaccine safety reports.  And so, to finish the job that Kennedy bungled, several Abolitionists decided to file their own lawsuit — to make HHS follow the law — to make them actually prepare the vaccine safety reports that federal law requires.

Finishing the Job! 
To go after the federal government, the Abolitionists needed a heavy hitter — so they hired the premiere vaccine rights attorney in North America — T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.  We asked one of the plaintiffs, Christiana Scarborough, why she chose TMP:  “Omigod, I can’t even dance around it,” replied Scarborough, “TMP is a total oozie on the mike!  TMP’s voice is manly where manly counts.”  We asked Scarborough to compare the legal skills of TMP vs. RFK.  Scarborough stated, “There’s no comparison!  TMP is a finesse attorney … RFK, not so much.” 

Historic Lawsuit Against HHS!
On Dec. 21, 2018, T. Matthew Phillips filed suit against HHS in federal court in Los Angeles.  We caught up with Phillips at the Omnia nightclub at Caesar’s Palace in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.  Phillips stated: “The lawsuit seeks to compel HHS to prepare vaccine safety reports for Congress — which the law requires.”  

Media Blackout!
No, you won’t read about this HHS lawsuit anywhere online because pharma controls the media.  Pharma will forbid Del ‘n Bobby from ever mentioning it — along with all the mainstream vaccine pages — including #Vaxxed … #NaturalNews … #LearnTheRisk … #StopMandatoryVaccination … #Mercola … #ErinTheNutter … #DavidAvocadoBolshevik … #NVIC … #BJHandley … #VINE … #BolynReport … #SherriShillpenny … #SusanneHumphrey … #VacTruth … #HealthImpactNews … #TyBollinger … #MrsTybollinger, etc.

gena FINAL

Anticipated Landmark Ruling 
Phillips added:  “If we win, then the government will be forced to actually develop safer vaccines, and that would be a landmark ruling — and if we lose, then it just goes to show that federal agencies, even when brought before a federal judge, can openly ignore federal law designed to protect children, and that too would be a landmark ruling.”

Litigation Updates 
Please stay tuned for litigation updates, which we will publish regularly.  And remember, this webpage is the only place on the planet for litigation coverage on this historic HHS lawsuit.


#TruthHits I-Team, Editorial Staff

safe vaccine patent pending

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“Freedom means nothing if you can’t keep
the government out of your body.”
T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.


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