“Truth: Naked and Unmasked!”

“Truth: Naked and Unmasked!”
As told by T. Matthew Phillips, Attorney-at-Law

Truth Coming Out!

In 1896, a Frenchman, Jean-Léon Gérôme, (1824 – 1904), painted the world-famous masterpiece — “Truth Coming Out of Her Well, Armed with Her Whip to Chastise Mankind.”

At the turn of the 20th century, Jean-Léon Gérôme was the world’s most famous living artist.

The painting, dubbed the Mona Lisa of its time, tells the story of Truth — naked and unmasked — emerging from a well angry — with whip in hand!

“Truth & Falsity”

Truth and Falsity meet one summer day.  Falsity says to Truth: “The day is very beautiful, let’s go for a walk!”  Truth looks up to the skies — and sure enough — the day really is very beautiful!

Truth and Falsity take a walk.  They arrive beside a well.  Falsity says to Truth: “The water is very lovely, let’s have a bath!”  Truth, still suspicious, tests the water — but sure enough — the water really is very lovely!

Truth and Falsity undress.  The two ladies bathe in the well.  Suddenly, Falsity jumps out of the water — puts on Truth’s clothing — and Falsity runs away!  Truth emerges naked from the well!  She is furious!  And unmasked.

The World, seeing Truth naked and unmasked, turns away its gaze — with hatred and contempt.

To hide her shame, poor Truth returns to the well where she disappears — forever hiding herself from the World.

And today, Falsity travels the World dressed as Truth.  But the World cares not, for it has no wish to meet naked and unmasked Truth.

The Metaphor of the Well

In the 1890s, Gérôme made several paintings that personify Truth as a nude woman in wells — thrown down a well, lying at the bottom of a well, or furiously exiting a well.

So, what’s up with “the well” metaphor?  Why is Truth female?  How come she’s always naked and unmasked?

truth 2

truth 4

truth 3

Hidden Meanings

So, what do these paintings mean?  Did Gérôme intend a political message?  The mysteries that underlie these strange-but-compelling paintings have for years been the subject of endless debate.

Gérôme likely inspired Winston Churchill to declare: “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

Gérôme may have inspired MLK to preach: “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”

Gérôme may have inspired Gandhi to teach: “Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state becomes lawless and corrupt.”

Perhaps Gérôme inspired Albert Einstein, who reminds us: “Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it.”

Which naked, unmasked truths lay hidden in plain sight just outside your front-door?

mask art edit

Stop Right There!

Better wake your asses UP!  Do you even know how Gandhi died?  Gandhi got shot three times in the chest — point blank — in front of his grandkids — at prayer service!  And remember, MLK died from gunshot wounds too!  Tell me more about their celebrated strategy of non-violence!

A strategy of non-violence works ONLY if your oppressor has a conscience!  But guess what?–Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci have no conscience!  None!  And they run the show!

mask war criminal edit finale

They want you to believe that facemasking is about health ‘n safety!  Srsly?  If it were about healthy and safety, they’d mandate organic foods, vitamins, sunshine, and exercise!–and they’d outlaw artificial sweeteners, fluoride, pesticides, and network TV!

Facemasking is all about compliance and control!

No!  It’s not “just a mask.”  It’s a mind-control device!  It’s cold-blooded tyranny!

And no, they’ll never “flatten the curve” — because there’s no money in flattened curves!  (Get it?)

The time to resist is now!  Today, it’s facemasks — tomorrow vaccines!

mask compliance edit

One day soon, we may wake-up in a world drizzled in Lysol, Purell and Clorox — featuring chronic allergies and extreme hypersensitivities — caused by lifestyles so hygienic and germ-free — that we are left with no natural immune defenses.

Fight back now!  Sue ’em all!  Let their corporatized attorneys devour them whole.  Passive resistance is for losers.  Active resistance is the key!  Boycott their goods.  Defy their embargoes!  Disrupt profits!  “Vote” with your dollars!

The tipping point is at hand!  If we continue on our current trajectory, in six months’ time they will forbid the unvaccinated from buying food at the grocery store!

Get UP!  Stand UP!  Go paint your face half-blue!  Get your hair extensions in full effect!  Loudly cry: “Freedom!”

Won’t you help to sing these songs of freedom?

–   T H E   E N D   –

Produced and Directed by TMP’s Midnight Minions
in association with Chapter Eleven Productions,
Fly-By-Night Management Services, and
Neurotica Entertainment Group

Copyright 2020 – by T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.

Love to Ms. Alma Rae!

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

~ Dylan Thomas ~

Happy Hiroshima Day 2020!  🙂

3 thoughts on ““Truth: Naked and Unmasked!”

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  1. Here, here, 100% agree, people with the resources need to be filing lawsuits against these unsubstantiated Executive Orders and fight them on their own turf in Court. Every one of these bogus State and Local Orders start out with something like:

    > I, (Criminal Frontman), M.D., Commissioner of the Department of State Health Services, do hereby certify that the introduction and spread of the communicable disease known as COVID-19 in the State/Country of _________ has created an immediate threat, poses a “high risk” of death to a “large number” of people and creates a “substantial risk” of public exposure because of the disease’s method of transmission and evidence that there is community spread in _________. THEREFORE, in accordance with the authority vested in me by Section _______ of the Health and Safety Code, I do hereby declare a state of public health disaster for the entire State/Country of _________.
    > Adherence to these rules and the sound public health principles that support them will provide optimal protection for the people of ___________. These measures are necessary to advance the health and safety of all _(citizens)_.

    NOW is the time to go straight for the juggler of the dirty little crook hiding behind the medical curtain and challenge all these FALSE claims of a “high-risk killer” virus causing a so-called “pandemic” that have absolutely NO scientific evidence at all, are completely baseless and undefendable in Court.

    ALL THESE CLAIMS OF “EMERGENCY” AND “DISASTER” WHEN NO EVIDENCE OR PROOF ACTUALLY EXISTS TO SUPPORT THEIR FAKE CLAIMS THAT CV-19: “poses a “high risk” of death to a “large number” of people and creates a “substantial risk” of public exposure”

    “HIGH, LARGE, SUBSTANTIAL” when nothing could be further from the Truth!
    If so, then pigs can fly since CV-19 is actually in same risk category as a bad Flu and auto accidents.


    p.s. “— that we are left with no natural immune defenses.” – that appears to be part of their Agenda for 2021.

    Since the 2-week “Flatten-the-Curve” is now turning into a year-long shutdown with permanent ill-effects from a cure that is far worse than the disease!


  2. Tmatthew, Whats’ it all about? Indonesia a nation of 250 million is now incarcerating positives in concentration camps. Supposedly in response to 8000 corona related deaths. Can it happen here ,in the good ole USA?


  3. Another tidbit of info, Anti maskers in Indonesia ARE FORCED to dig the graves of those who supposedly succumbed to the virus. Can that happen here? In the good ole USA?


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