About T. Matthew Phillips

T. Matthew Phillips is a California attorney, musicologist, and part-time particle physicist. TMP advocates the unconditional abolition of vaccines, GMOs, chemtrails, Tidepods, Lysol, Windex, Febreeze, glyphosate, fluoride, and mainstream science.

“What if America is now just a giant extermination camp — and the vaccines, GMOs, and chemtrails are just slow-burn Nazi ovens?”
~~T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.


TMP has no college degree, but he did win a spelling contest in the seventh grade!  TMP is principally known, in academic circles, for his masterly translation, into Latin, of “The Wizard of Oz,” which remains, even today, the standard Latin version of that work.

CLICK HERE –> Vaccine Abolition Society

CLICK HERE –> TMP Litigation Updates! Hosted by TMP’s #MidnightMinions

CLICK HERE –>Truth Hits Everybody

CLICK HERE –> Informed Refusal Action Network

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