“STRAW DOGS MURDERED MY BABY!” — A Vaccine Winter’s Tale.

Jennifer Goldberg is a 29-year-old mom from Tarzana, Calif.   Jennifer begins every morning crying—at the loss of her 3-year-old, Zack Goldberg, who died May 13, 2016, shortly after receiving a flu shot at CVS’s popular Minute Clinic.
“I miss Zack every day,” says Jennifer with tear-filled eyes.

Jennifer explains that Zack did have a few vaccines when he was a newborn.  But then she stopped vaccinating because, as Jennifer explains, “Everybody said vaccines cause autism, so I just stopped altogether.”
Jennifer’s life forever changed when she saw a Facebook post about the controversial movie, “Vaxxed!”—which asks the pointed question—are vaccines safe?  Jennifer explains: “I was friends on Facebook with Holly Wages, from El Segundo.”  Holly Wages posted a heart-wrenching vaccine injury story from vaxxed.com, and Jennifer wound-up at a page called “The Four Requests of Vaxxed.”

ABOVE: FROM the WEBSITE vaxxed.com


At vaxxed.com, Jennifer learned that the “Vaxxed” movie urges viewers to “demand that single measles, mumps and rubella vaccines be made immediately available.”  Jennifer was blown away!  “And then it donned on me,” says Jennifer, “Yes!—we should demand single-shot vaccines—because vaccines are dangerous ONLY in multiple combinations, like MMR, which has three viruses up in it, or like T-Dap, which has three bacteria up in it.”

single vaccine agenda screen shot


Jennifer then decided it was best to avoid multi-dose vaccines.  “Next thing ya know, Holley Wage is all up on my newsfeed again—with Andrew Wakefield—who found the missing link for autism.”  Jennifer clicked on the interview, (7-second video clip below):

“I will continue to vigorously support the use of single vaccines.” – Andrew Wakefield

“I will continue to vigorously support the use of single vaccines.”  [CLICK HERE for ACTUAL QUOTE!]

Andrew Wakefield actually said: “I will continue to vigorously supports single vaccines.”  And Jennifer thought: “Wow!  He found the missing autism link, so he must be smart, right?—and he vigorously supports single vaccines, so they must be safe, right?  I suddenly became aware!”  Jennifer adds: “It was kinda like Holly Wages was spreading awareness, ya know?”

Jennifer formed a hypothesis, and Wages & Wakefeld confirmed it, i.e., vaccines can be dangerous, but only when there is more than one pathogen in the vial.  “I truly believed that multiple pathogens were the problem and could lead to autism, but single pathogen vaccines were safe, or so I thought,” explains Jennifer.  “I was an enthusiastic single-shotter,” says Jennifer with fist raised on high, “let’s split-up MMR like Wakefield says.”
“I thought the flu shot would be okay,” says Jennifer, “because there’s only like one virus up in it, so it should be safe, right?”  But Jennifer now laments, “Little did I know, the flu shot is the most lethal vaccine known to mankind.”

And then, one sunny day in May 2016, during what CNN dubbed an “unusually severe flu weather,” Jennifer decided it would be a good idea for her and her husband to get flu shots at CVS Minute Clinic.  They did.  According to Jennifer, “I had a minor injection site reaction, but I just took Tylenol, which was cool.”
The following day, she made the fateful decision to vaccinate Zack.  “I really did believe it would be safe because, after all, the flu shot has only one pathogen, right?—so you can’t get autism or die, right?”

Immediately after injection, Zack fainted.  He never regained consciousness.  “There were no seizures.  Thank God he didn’t suffer,” adds Jennifer.  But Jennifer’s family blames Holley Wage and the #Vaxxed team for promoting the supposed safety of single-shot vaccines.  Jennifer’s mother, Phyllis Goldberg, states: “That devil woman, Holly Wages, and that quack doctor, Wakefield, exposed my daughter to the false notion that single-shot vaccines are somehow safe!”  Phyllis adds, “But there’s no such thing as safe vaccines in the first place!”

“Vaccines murdered my baby,” cries Jennifer Goldberg, “and Holley Wage and Andrew Wakefield are responsible.”  Jennifer’s grandmother, Alma Goldberg, chimes-in with choice words from the old country.  Jennifer translates: “Gramma says: ‘Pox on you!
Jennifer believes that Holly Wages and Andrew Wakefield are blameworthy for Zack’s death.  “These Vaxxed people—who promote single-shot vaccines—are the direct cause of my family’s nightmare.” Jennifer insists: “The Vaxxed movie should be outlawed—along with all vaccines—because all vaccines are unavoidably unsafe—including single-shot vaccines.”
Jennifer asks:  “Why are all these weirdos allowed to tell lies on the internet and pretend that single shots are supposedly safe?”

holley wages photoHOLLY WAGE’S SON
“And then, a couple of weeks later, Holley Wage is all up on my newsfeed talking about her vaccine-injured son with brain damage from vaccines,” and Jennifer exclaims: “I was all WTF?—this woman already knows about vaccine dangers?—and she’s promoting single-shot vaccines?” Jennifer thought: “Such a monstrous woman—she personifies everything that’s wrong with this ugly world!” Jennifer adds: “Srsly!  I used to think Sen. Pan was Satan’s Spawn, but now I know better—it’s the dingle-berry from El Segundo.”

“I wish I’d met TMatt sooner,” says Jennifer, “TMatt got all the game.”   Jennifer, of course, refers to internationally-renowned, firebrand attorney, T. Matthew Phillips.  “I remember my first TMP meme encounter—it was balm-ass!”  According to scientists, a “meme” is an internet thought virus calculated to shatter cognitive dissonance.  Jennifer remembers being shattered by a TMP meme that read: “All vaccines are a hoax, none of them work, and any one of them can kill you.”  Jennifer quips, “Srsly!  TMP—you had me at ‘hoax’—I was down.”

“It’s really sad,” says Jennifer, “because I already blocked TMP on Facebook over a year ago, but I didn’t remember.  Jennifer recalls: “I succumbed to peer pressure—everyone was all like: “Block TMP—or else I’ll block you!”  Jennifer adds:  “And now I know why they tell everyone to block him—TMP is a devout Abolitionist who exposes the false promise of safe vaccines.”

“I recently got a call from Del Bigtree!” says Jennifer.  So what does a big-shot movie producer want with Jennifer Goldberg from Tarzana?  “He wanted to know if I was interested in becoming a powerful voice in the movement … I told him to go jump off a cliff.”

~~T. Matthew Phillips, Esq. (Dec. 28, 2017)

[“NO!—it’s not fake news—it’s satire!” T. Matthew Phillips is a California attorney, musicologist, and part-time particle physicist.  TMP advocates the unconditional abolition of vaccines, GMOs, chemtrails, fluoride, and science.  TMP is now suing the State of California to halt SB277, the State’s oppressive vaccine mandate for schoolchildren.

“Freedom means nothing if you can’t keep the gov’t out of your body.” ~~TMP.



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