Brandy Vaughn is a corporate shill.  (Surprise!)  She founded the Vaccine Safety Council, which proves she’s a shill because there’s no such thing as safe vaccines.  We don’t need a council for vaccine “safety,” rather, we need a council for vaccine “banning!”  #abolishvaccines

“US” vs. “THEM”
Yes, TMP shattered your Moovement!  BAMM!  Divided!  Split in half!!  There are now two competing factions: (1) corporate-controlled clickbait who believe in the false promise of safe vaccines; and (2) free-thinkers who demand worldwide vaccine abolition now!

On Facebook, Brandy tries to sell the false promise of safe vaccines—but there’s no such thing as safe vaccines.  Brandy is essentially a PR person for pharma, pretending to oppose vaccines with her “soft-serve” activism (i.e., lame-ass billboards).  Brandy creates an “illusion” that someone is fighting (so YOU don’t have to!).  Brandy’s true allegiance is to Merck—which explains why she never demands vaccine abolition—she would get fired from her troll gig if she ever posted the word “a-b-o-l-i-t-i-o-n” on Facebook!!
Oh, did I mention she’s unemployed?  Just like Joshua Coleman, Larry Crook, Holly Wages—and all the other vaccine celebs on Facebook—Brandy Vaughan is officially unemployed, (“wink-wink!”).  After she left Merck like 15 years ago, Brandy still has no job, no baby-daddy … so who pays her mortgage?  Who pays to fly Brandy to Italy?—to try and brainwash Italians into demanding single-shot vaccines?  “Shh!”—don’t ask!  Truth is, Brandy Vaughan is actually a high-ranking pharma shill, and #LearnTheRisk is a pharma shill group.

Remember when Brandy Vaughan used to give dramatic speeches in Sacramento?  Brandy said SB277 is unconstitutional!  With the passage of SB277, Brandy’s son must be vaccinated to attend school … okay, so where is Brandy’s lawsuit to stop SB277?  How come Brandy doesn’t fight for medical custody of her own son?  Brandy flies to Italy to fight for Italians—but she won’t file a lawsuit for her own son here in California?  Srsly?

By her own admission, she’s an ex-Merck employee—who was selling VIOXX, which was killing people—and Brandy knows that she was complicit in many VIOXX deaths.  If you believe her song ‘n dance, Brandy felt bad about VIOXX, suddenly grew a conscience, quit her job, and fled to Europe.  But wait, Brandy used to sell VIOXX for Merck—and that fact never changes!  She’s an ex-drug-dealer!!  (And not the cool kind of drug dealer from whom you buy a dime-bag!)  Brandy sold Pharma drugs!!  Can she ever be admitted into Heaven?  No way!  Hey, Brandy, how many people did YOU kill for Merck?  Hmm?

Brandy knew that her employer, Merck, had paid-out over $4 billion dollars in settlements—to widows of husbands who died of heart-attacks and strokes caused by VIOXX.  Brandy’s conscience must’ve been awakened by all the widows who screamed, “More VIOXX safety studies!” Right? WRONG!!  The VIOXX widows never screamed for more VIOXX safety studies!!  No indeed!—they screamed to take VIOXX off the market!!  #TheMoreYouKnow

Brandy knows that the vaccine court has paid-out $3.8 billion dollars in settlements—so when will Brandy grow another conscience and call to take vaccines off the market?  (Never!!)  Remember, when they finally took VIOXX off the market, there were over $4 billion dollars in VIOXX settlements—so, is Brandy waiting for vaccine settlements to top $4 billion dollars before she calls for a vaccine ban?  Sorry, folks, but Brandy is not calling for a vaccine ban—instead she calls for more safety studies.  But safety studies are pointless!!  Repeat after me:  There is no such thing as a safe vaccine!  Knock it off with the safety studies!!  Hey Brandy, can we use YOUR kid for the safety studies?  Or should we use voiceless Guatemalan kids?  African kids?

If YOU call for childhood vaccine safety studies, then YOU must submit YOUR children as test subjects!  (Can I get an Amen?)  And, Brandy herself should participate in the study too—since she’s so gung-ho about testing on humans!  NOTE:  Same rule applies to all corporate officers and directors of publicly traded vaccine manufacturing companies—YOU and YOUR kids must participate as test subjects too!!

Some folks ask: “Hey, TMP, where’s the CSI proof against Brandy?—that she’s a shill?”  Well, there actually is overwhelming proof!—out of her own mouth—captured on videotape—for your dining and dancing pleasure!!

[CLICK HERE FOR FREAKTARDED BRANDY VAUGHAN VIDEO]  Brandy Vaughan LIES about MERCK supposedly breaking-into her home!!

Watch this video!! Brandy claims her home was broken-into—but it’s all a lie.  And you can easily tell she’s lying—because her lips move!!  Lousy actor!  It’s all a fricken hoax!  Okay, so why does Brandy LIE about her home being broken-into?  Two reasons:  (1) it elevates her to martyrdom status within the Moovement, and (2) it has a chilling effect on others—who are now afraid to speak-out for fear their homes may get broken-into too!!  Brandy is the brave hero, right?  And everybody else is scared to death, so they will keep their mouths shut—and not speak-out—because thanks to Brandy, they believe pharma will come get them too!  Here’s Brandy’s game plan: frighten others into silence.

Brandy Vaughan is truly evil—because she is two-faced!!  Every fiber of her being is a LIE!!  Brandy seeks to frighten others—to prevent them from speaking-out!!  Notably, Brandy uses the same FEAR tactics as Erin the Health Nutter (architect of the Dead Doctor Scam).  These two ugly women are truly disgusting!!  These are low-life individuals who, quite literally, will say or do anything for money!!  And, Brandy wants you to praise her as a hero for continuing to fight on—despite the covert and overt intimidation! #DoubleEyeballRoll

FACT:  there is NO POLICE REPORT from the supposed “break-in” incident!!  Yes, that’s right—Brandy never filed a police report!!  Surprise!  And this, of course, tends to prove that the supposed break-in never happened— which tends to prove Brandy Vaughn is a liar!!  

FACT:  my office made a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to local law enforcement—to determine whether law enforcement officers were actually present at Brandy Vaughan’s house responding to a supposed “break-in.”  But guess what?—according to authorities, no law enforcement officers were at Brandy’s house— which PROVES Brandy is a LIAR!!  

Why do you think the Moovement hates TMP so much?  Because TMP proved—beyond a shadow of a doubt—that Brandy is a liar!!  And the dim-witted architects of the break-in stunt (probably Andrew Lebitch and Alan Davis) were unprepared for a stealthy lawyer with presence of mind to make a FOIA request to corroborate whether law enforcement officers actually were actually present responding to a supposed “break-in” call at Brandy’s house!!  #busted

brandy vaughan santa barbara pd

BRANDY’S RESPONSE:  After being busted, Brandy Vaughan tried to explain it away!!  And Brandy actually ADMITTED she did not file a police report!!  Srsly!!  Okay, so WHY did she NOT file a police report?—well, according to Brandy, she didn’t file a police report because the bad guys didn’t steal anything from her home!!  And therefore, because no theft occurred—she couldn’t file a police report!!  (LoL!)  Sure, the bad guys broke into her home, vandalized the place, damaged her property, etc.—but nothing was missing, so the bad guys just get away with it!!  (Does Brandy Vaughan actually expect people to believe this fish story?)

brandy bullshit final

For those of you who maybe didn’t already know, “breaking and entering” is a CRIME in California—and it’s a CRIME regardless of whether the perpetrators steal anything!!  (Trust me, I’m a California lawyer!)  When Brandy Schmandy tells you that she couldn’t file a police report because nothing was stolen—it demonstrates she is full of bee-ess!!  #busted

brandy vaughan alan davis

Look, Brandy is gonna have to replace the front door lock, which costs money, right?  And she’s gonna have to re-do her alarm system, which also costs money, right?  So, is Brandy gonna absorb the cost of the break-in on her own?  Or, is she gonna file a claim with her homeowner’s insurance like a normal person would do?  Obviously, in order to file an insurance claim, Brandy needs a POLICE REPORT!!  But she doesn’t have one!!  So, there’s no way she filed a homeowner’s insurance claim—which tends to prove that the supposed break-in never happened!  (But, of course, it didn’t!)  Brandy is a professional, cold-blooded liar!!  She is more deceitful even than Sen. Pan!  At least Sen. Pan’s pharma connection is out in the open, but Brandy—the two-faced fraudster—hides her pharma connection!
TMP:  “Ms. Vaughan, so it’s your testimony today, that Merck broke into your home—to teach you a lesson for advocating safe vaccines—they picked your front-door lock, disabled your home security system, tapped your phone, bugged your house—and shuffled around your personal belongings—just to creep you out—in order to silence you—however—because the clever intruders did not resort to theft, this stops you from filing a police report for the alleged break-in, correct?
BRANDY VAUGHAN:  “Yes.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”  #LiarLiar

The funniest part of this video is The Sitting Duck Routine!  Supposedly, as part of Brandy’s ongoing punishment for leaving Merck, the bad guys who broke-in left her a calling card—a carved wooden duck!  Yes, a DUCK!  (“Uh-oh!”)  And then Brandy and her team of security experts quickly deduced that the duck is in fact symbolic—BRANDY is a SITTING DUCK!  (“Omfg!”)  Brandy wants you to believe that pharma used the duck to send her a cryptic message, i.e., that pharma can whack her out at any time, right?!!  Pull-ease!!  The Sitting Duck Routine is the dumbest thing in the history of dumbest things ever!!  When Brandy goes into her idiotic duck routine, you feel the bile rise in your throat—just before the vomit comes—and then you hurl on your shoes!!  (Srsly! When you watched the video, how far did you make it until you vomited?)  How does this vile human live with herself?

BrandyVaughan DUCK

According to Brandy Vaughan, Merck is punishing her for dropping vaccine truth-balms on Facebook.  But, srsly, why would Merck try to intimidate Brandy Vaughan?  Brandy calls herself “not-anti-vax,” which is the same as pro-vax, which means that she is vaccine friendly!  Why would Merck wanna intimidate a pro-vaxxer like Brandy?  (Merck only goes after the Abolitionists!)  And most humorously, her entire SB277 take-down strategy is—you guessed it—billboards!!  But, in reality, billboards pose no threat to the pharmaceutical industrial complex—which means there’s no reason to intimidate Brandy Vaughan in the first place.

Brandy Vaughan stands condemned—a pathetic, corporate scumbag.  And if anyone needed more evidence of her connection to pharma, then just remember, the break-in video is an Andrew Lebitch production.  And everybody knows Andrew Lebitch is a pharma troll.  Oh, and he’s officially unemployed too.  Rule-of-Thumb:  Anybody connected to Lebitch is automatically connected to pharma—like Austin Powers Bennett, who uses Lebitch as a Karl Rove-ish Chuckie doll, but minus the whacky red hair.

brandy chuckie FINAL

Hey, kids!!  Try this at home!!  Send a Facebook message to Brandy Vaughan and ask her: “Hey, ’sup, B? Where’s the police report of the supposed break-in?  Where’s the homeowner’s insurance claim?”  Brandy will BLOCK you in 3 … 2 … 1~~!! LoL!!

If TMP is lying about all this, then Brandy can sue TMP for defamation, right?  But TMP is not lying—and she knows it!!  But Brandy cannot sue in the first place because she’s a crisis actor!  Brandy Vaughan cannot go to court for the same reasons Rachel Green and Monica Geller cannot go to court!!  Hello?!!—they are “actors”—reading from scripts— performing their roles on camera!  But Brandy will never win an Academy Award, not so much because her acting sucks, but because her Facebook acting role is not officially recognized by the Screen Actors Guild!

Brandy Vaughan, YOU are totally busted!  This ugly woman is disgusting, pathetic, and vile!  This bitch is totally controlled by pharma.  #TrueStory


~~T. Matthew Phillips, Esq. (Jan. 5, 2018)
[T. Matthew Phillips is a California attorney, musicologist, and part-time particle physicist. TMP advocates the unconditional abolition of vaccines, GMOs, chemtrails, fluoride, and science. TMP is now suing the State of California to halt SB277, the State’s oppressive vaccine mandate for schoolchildren.]

Written, Produced, and Directed by TMP’s Midnight Minions
in association with Chapter Eleven Productions,
Fly-By-Night Management Services, and
Neurotica Entertainment Group

Copyright 2018 – Truth Hits I-Team

“Freedom means nothing if you can’t keep the government out of your body.” ~~TMP.





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