“ANTI-VAXXERS vs. ABOLITIONISTS – A Dozen Big Differences!”

“Inside every anti-vaxxer there’s an Abolitionist trying to get out.”
T. Matthew Phillips

A N T I – V A X X E R S  v s.  A B O L I T I O N I S T S
by T. Matthew Phillips, Attorney-at-Law

(1)  Anti-vaxxers are “soft serve” activists — while we Abolitionists are “hard core” activists!

(2)  Anti-vaxxers oppose vaccines for themselves only — while we Abolitionists oppose vaccines for everybody!

(3)  Anti-vaxxers support “vaccine choice” — while we Abolitionists know that “vaccine choice” kill babies.  All childhood vaccine injuries begin with “vaccine choice!”

(4)  Anti-vaxxers support “informed consent” — while we Abolitionists know that no sane person consents to being poisoned in the first place — which is why we instead support “informed refusal!”

(5)  Anti-vaxxers support “safe vaccines” — while we Abolitionists know it’s impossible to make a “safe vaccine” — because there’s no such thing as “safe vaccines.”

(6)  Anti-vaxxers believe in the false promise of safe vaccines — while we Abolitionists know it’s just a false promise — a grand lie — because all vaccines are legally presumed to be “unavoidably unsafe,” as the Supreme Court declared in 2011, in Bruesewitz vs. Wyeth.

(7)  Anti-vaxxers believe in doing vaccine safety studies — while we Abolitionists know that safety studies are pointless — because safety studies make vaccines no safer!

(8)  Anti-vaxxers believe that “some” vaccines cause harm — while we Abolitionists know that “all” vaccines cause harm, even if in small amounts, and that the harm accumulates and eventually becomes autoimmune disease and chronic debilitating health issues!

(9)  Anti-vaxxers believe that they can halt the autism epidemic by selling books, t-shirts, and DVDs — while we Abolitionists know that a total vaccine ban is the only way to halt the autism epidemic!

(10)  Anti-vaxxers worship Andrew Wakefield as a hero and role model, while we Abolitionists know that Fakefield is just a disgraced, ex-doctor — who holds a patent on a single-shot measles vaccine — which explains why the #Vaxxed movie urges viewers to split-up MMR and demand single-shot measles vaccines!  Fakefield is peddling the False Promise of Safe Vaccines!

(11)  Anti-vaxxers believe that vaccines are “dangerous consumer products,” while we Abolitionists know that vaccines are “weapons of war” — designed to kill and disable — to slow population growth and to create lifelong pharma customers!

(12)  Anti-vaxxers are half asleep, while we Abolitionists are fully woke — because we know the truth — all vaccines are a hoax, none of them work, and any one of them can kill you!  #WokeAF!

~~T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.

“Abolition is humanity’s last best hope.”
T. Matthew Phillips

Produced and Directed by TMP’s Midnight Minions
in association with Chapter Eleven Productions,
Fly-By-Night Management Services, and
Neurotica Entertainment Group

Copyright 2018

“Freedom means nothing if you can’t keep
the government out of your body.”

3 thoughts on ““ANTI-VAXXERS vs. ABOLITIONISTS – A Dozen Big Differences!”

Add yours

  1. I agree that vaccines need to be ended for the good of everyone, but I disagree with some of your points. Real studies can help prove to the public how dangerous vaccines are. And I don’t think anyone believes that the epidemic of autism can be stopped by selling things, but it is important to get more people to wake up so they vote people in who will actually do their job and say you can’t inject that. This vaccine abolishonist thing has a real No True Scotsman vibe. If you try to present this topic too gently trying to convince people that have been lied to their whole lives well then, you’re not pure enough.


  2. Agree w/all except comment on Dr. Wakefield. He may have been promoting single vac measles. I have said to myself long ago. It should be offered separately. Informed refusal… Bcuz when u know many of the facts of vacs. It’s crazy to. Inject ur child with all that crap!


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