“The Vaccine Court’s Dark Secret … It’s Rigged!”

“The odds of winning in vaccine court favor the government over the claimant—much like the odds of winning in Vegas favor the casino over the gambler.”
~~T. Matthew Phillips

“The Vaccine Court’s Dark Secret … It’s Rigged!”
by T. Matthew Phillips

If your child dies in an SUV rollover, you can sue Ford or Chevy, however, if your child dies in a vaccine rollover, you cannot sue Merck or Pfizer.  Instead, your only option is to file a claim with the vaccine court—a “no fault” court system that handles only vaccine injury cases.  Apparently, vaccines are so safe and effective that they need their own court system!  (Right?!)  And yet, most lawyers have never even heard of the vaccine court!  It’s never mentioned in law school—because it represents the ugliest stain on American legal history.  To call it a “kangaroo court” is an insult to kangaroos!

This article explains the vaccine court’s dark secret—how it’s rigged to pay a few occasional dollars to a few random families—but mostly, how it prevents the public from knowing and understanding how vaccines “work.”  (*Wink-wink!*)

First of all, the vaccine court is located only in Washington, D.C.—there are no vaccine courts in the 50 states—which violates the 14th Amendment for lack of fairness.  Imagine how difficult it must be for Californians to hire lawyers 3,000 miles away!  The vaccine court discriminates against families not living in the Washington, D.C. area.  Vaccines are sold in all 50 states—so families should be allowed to sue in all 50 states.  But apparently, Congress sought to discourage a substantial number of claims by limiting geographic access to the vaccine court.

Vaccine makers cannot be defendants in vaccine court—and this eliminates any concern that vaccine makers might have for vaccine safety.  So who is the defendant in vaccine court?—it’s the head of a federal agency, the Secretary of Health & Human Services, (HHS), which, curiously enough, is also the same federal agency charged with overseeing vaccine safety.  And this creates a blatant conflict of interest!  (Does this shock your conscience?—it should!)

Consider this: in vaccine court, HHS argues that vaccines cannot cause autism.  And to support this argument, HHS parades a gaggle of peer-reviewed publications—blessed with holy benedictions from the scientific priesthood—and these publications conclusively debunk any notion that vaccines might cause autism.  (I know, right?!)  But it begs the question—how can this federal agency, in the name of consumer safety, ever honestly explore the MMR / autism issue?—while this same federal agency, in the vaccine court, so fervently argues that vaccines cannot cause autism?  HHS has conflicting interests—and this most certainly violates the public trust!

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Everybody knows that vaccines do cause autism.  However, mainstreamers are quick to remind us that the vaccine court, in 2009, decided the “Omnibus Autism Proceeding,” which supposedly debunked any connection between MMR and autism.  But everybody knows it was a bogus proceeding with a foregone conclusion.  And now, the vaccine court allows no autism cases.  Families who wish to sue for vaccine-induced autism now suffer discrimination because HHS already made-up its mind—it already pre-judged the MMR / autism issue—and this results in prejudice to families seeking compensation for vaccine-induced autism.

For the record, here’s how autism happens—vaccines contain adjuvants—which supposedly enhance an antigen’s effectiveness—but many of these adjuvants—including mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde—tend to erode the myelin sheath that insulates and protects the electrical wires that connect the nervous system—and this erosion of the myelin sheath tends to impede and instruct the brain’s ability to send and receive electrical impulses along the “wires” of the nervous system, and ultimately, the myelin erosion degenerates motor function and impairs cognitive ability—which results in a grab bag of symptoms that mainstream science has labeled Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Since 1986, HHS has paid-out vaccine injury and death claims totaling over $4.1 billion.  This enormous sum was funded by a vaccine tax of 75 cents on every vaccine sold.  Note: MMR tax is $2.25 because it’s a triple shot with three pathogens, (three viruses).  Notably, the industry had to sell over 5.4 billion pathogens—17 pathogens for every American man, woman, and child—just to cover the $4.1 billion dollars worth of settlement payouts!

Vaccine court payouts are based on a “no-fault” system that limits claims to just $250,000.  But imagine if this limitation were removed and the $4.1 billion in payouts were assessed at “market-rate” in real-world courts … the payouts would multiply more than tenfold!—i.e., upwards of $41 billion!  This demonstrates that vaccines are America’s all-time most dangerous consumer product ever sold!  Naturally, this explains why Congress had no choice but to “immunize” vaccine makers from jury trials and class action lawsuits!—otherwise, the personal injury lawyers would quickly bankrupt and wipe-out the entire vaccine industry!

When the anti-inflammatory drug Vioxx was taken off the market in 2004, the manufacturer, Merck & Co., had paid-out over $4.8 billion in settlements, (in real-world court cases), which makes you wonder—how many more billions will HHS payout before vaccines are finally taken off the market?  How many more payouts before Brandy Vaughan, ex-Vioxx sales rep, calls to take vaccines off the market!  C’mon!  Brandy Vaughan will never call to take vaccines off the market—she’s Merck’s bottom bitch!

(The Shocking Truth About Brandy Vaughan—Click Here!)  https://tmatthewphillips.com/2018/01/05/controlled-opp-profiles-001-brandy-vaughan-mercks-bottom-bitch/

In vaccine court, there are no rules of evidence—because there are no trials.  And, to make matters worse, there is no legal precedent—which means that no case is ever decided based on a rule-of-law that emerged from a prior case.  Remarkable as it sounds, the vaccine court recognizes no rule-of-law.  Each case is decided based on the arbitrary and capricious whim of the vaccine court.  The odds of winning in vaccine court favor the government over the claimant—much like the odds of winning in Vegas favor the casino over the gambler.

In vaccine court, families have no right to obtain industry documents, which makes it impossible to prove the “causation” element of vaccines injuries.  This lack of access to industry documents has caused the science of understanding vaccine injuries to grind to a standstill.  Without industry documents, consumers will never know about manufacturing glitches—e.g., misuse of ingredients or contamination of ingredients, etc., and consumers will never know about the nano mystery that they add to the MMR shot.

In vaccine court, the proceedings are non-adversarial—for example, there is no cross-examination of opponents—and this should eliminate the need for attorneys.  But still, the vaccine court employs attorneys for both sides — for appearance’s sake.  Vaccine court attorneys are a loathsome breed because they collaborate with fascism.  Pharma controls these attorneys—like Robert Moxley—who botched Otto Coleman’s SB277 case to stop mandatory vaccination and then dismissed the lawsuit after only six weeks of litigation!  The vaccine court is just another bureaucracy that exists for its own ends—to enrich the bureaucrats—with little or no regard for families of the vaccine injured and deceased.

In vaccine court, there is no judge.  Instead, they have a Special Master—who is not even required to have a legal background.  But wait a sec!  “Special Master?”—to rule over the slaves?  Srsly?  And how is that even pronounced?—“Special Mass’r?”  Perhaps most troubling, in vaccine court, there is no trial by jury, and this violates the Seventh Amendment.  The most disgraceful aspect of vaccine court is that it rejects the constitutional right to trial by jury, which, for more than 800 years, has been a fundamental feature of English-speaking courts!

Nobody ever “wins” in vaccine court.  There are no verdicts.  The best a claimant can hope for is a settlement (not to exceed $250,000).  But, in reality, there’s no incentive for HHS to pay settlements.  Theoretically, HHS could deny every single claim—and the claimants would be powerless to do anything about it.  If rejected, claimants have no meaningful recourse, which begs the question—why does HHS ever pay settlements in the first place?  In regular civil courts, businesses often pay settlements to avoid the uncertainty of trial, but HHS doesn’t have this concern because, in vaccine court, there are no trials!  So what incentive motivates HHS to pay settlements?  Hint: there is NO incentive!  (“Shh!”)  It’s all just a charade—a false illusion of justice!  The vaccine court is rigged to create an appearance of legitimacy, i.e., that the system is supposedly “working.”  But it’s all a sham!

The vaccine court is rigged to allow approx. 20% of the claimants to get a measly 5-figure payout.  But the truth is, HHS could deny every single claim and claimants could do nothing.  And, curiously, all settlement recipients must sign a confidentiality agreement.  But why?—there’s no reason for confidentiality because there’s no sensitive info to hide—because no vaccine maker is ever deemed at fault and no vaccine is ever deemed defective!

All vaccine court settlement agreements contain a blanket statement declaring that the vaccine maker was not at fault and that the vaccine in question did not cause the harm, which makes you wonder—”why” does HHS pay-out on vaccine injury claims?—especially when no vaccine maker is ever at fault and no vaccine is ever defective!  Unbelievably, in over 30 years of injury and death claims, the vaccine court has never acknowledged that a vaccine maker was negligent or that a vaccine caused harm.  Indeed, the vaccine court has become the government’s best advertisement for vaccine safety!

The vaccine court’s purpose is to protect vaccine makers, not just by immunizing them from lawsuits, but also by ensuring that nobody will ever know or understand how vaccines “work,” (i.e., “how they kill and disable”).  Wake up!  Vaccines are weapons of war—designed to kill and disable!—to combat overpopulation and to create lifelong pharma customers!  And, thanks to the vaccine court—which recognizes (a) no evidence, (b) no rule-of-law, and (c) no legal precedent—the truth about how vaccines affect the human body will remain hidden from public scrutiny.  As one federal court noted, vaccine science is a “field bereft of complete and direct proof of how vaccines affect the human body.” [Althen v. Sec’y of Health & Human Servs., 418 F.3d 1274 (Fed. Cir. 2005)]. I have a dream edit“I HAVE A DREAM”
Fellow Abolitionists, the vaccine court is a hideous atrocity that must be shut down!  Boycott the vaccine court!  File vaccine injury lawsuits at the local county courthouse.  Demand the constitutional right to “trial by jury!”  Open the floodgates of litigation!  With enough lawsuits, we can inundate and swamp the national vaccine market, de-stabilize it, and then ultimately capsize it!  “I have a dream.”

~~T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.

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Written, Produced, and Directed by TMP’s Midnight Minions
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“Freedom means nothing if you can’t keep the government out of your body.”
~~T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.



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  1. I was 8 years old when I received my first vaccine, because I was a sickly baby and fortunate enough to have a doctor who cared more about my health than his money. That’s pretty rare. But the school was able to break my parents down and the mmr vaccine went in. That is when I changed. I went from being happy to a clinical depression where I found joy in nothing. I could be looking right at you and drift into space where I don’t hear a word you say. Blank stare no focus was every adults complaint.i had not been sick that I could remember but I got pneumonia shortly after that and felt like death . Then I developed a weight problem that plagued me until I had gastric bypass surgery 40 years later. I know those shots are a terrible affliction and I wish all parents would open their eyes and use common sense. FIRST DO NOT HARM IS THE HIPPOCRITIC OATH, and yes I did that on purpose.injecting a healthy child or adult with poison makes no sense at all. Formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum and all the other poison chemicals in those shots is poison. Then your cannibalizing your child because there is actually unbelievably parts from aborted human babies in those shots. That causes mad cow disease when cows eat other cows and it rots the human brain too. Then there is blood and cells from mice horses rats bats monkeys and more.. stop this insanity. Stop getting these shots. Vaccines never eradicated any disease. The people who trick you into believing that bs profit on our ignorance. Don’t be ignorant.


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