“THE SECRET ABOLITION SOCIETY” (By Guest Contributor, Jeffrey Jaxxen!)

Editor’s Note: Folks, we are fortunate to have an exclusive scoop from guest contributor, Jeffrey Jaxxen, the world renowned #Vaxxed journalist!!  He was born with the name Geoffrey Pransky, but now goes by Jeffrey Jaxxen — because he totally rocks!  Totally independent, totally grassroots, and totally open source.
Editorial Staff, Truth Hits I-Team

“ T H E   S E C R E T   A B O L I T I O N   S O C I E T Y ” 
By Guest Journalist, Jeffrey Jaxxen  #IndependentAF  #GrassrootsAF  #OpenSourceAF

I wish to thank TMP for the opportunity to write this article.  He is a brilliant lawyer and all-around good guy.  TMP inspired me to become an Abolitionist.  Recently, I saw a TMP meme that said: “Inside every anti-vaxxer there’s an Abolitionist trying to get out!”  That meme spoke to my soul.  I knew it was my time to come-out.  So I did.

I no longer fight for “vaccine choice” — because TMP posted a meme that said, “Vaccine choice kills babies!”  

I also no longer fight for “informed consent” — because TMP posted a meme that said, “No sane person consents to poison in the first place!”  

And, I no longer fight for “safe vaccines,” because TMP posted a meme that said, “There’s no such thing as safe vaccines!”  #wokeAF

TMP turn’t me out!  Spiritually, I evolved.  I am born again!  Like a snake, I shed my Ex-vaxxer skin!  And now, lo and behold, I am an Abolitionist — cloaked in glory!  “Hallelujah!”


It’s foolish to fight for “vaccine choice” or for “safer vaccines.”  If I could time-travel back to slavery days, I would not fight for “slavery choice!” — nor would I fight for “safer plantations!”  No, siree!!  Instead, I would demand the unconditional abolition of slavery!  #undagroundrailroad

Friends, Romans, sports fans — now is the time to demand the unconditional abolition of vaccines!  Are you going to wait until vaccine court payouts top $4 billion dollars?  Are you going to wait until autism rates are one-in-three?  How many more vaccine injury stories will you like and share on Facebook?–before you find the courage to say, “Let’s abolish vaccines now!”  #VaccineAbolitionNow

Sadly, however, none of my #Vaxxed colleagues spiritually evolved along with me.  None converted to Abolitionism.  The #Vaxxed team avoids the Abolition Movement — mainly because of TMP.  They say, “Omg! TMP is an Abolitionist, so I can never join the Abolition Movement!”  Um, okay, that’s like, “Omg! Jeffrey Dahmer is a Republican, so I can never join the Republican party!”  Ya know?  There’s room for everybody!  So, I decided to interview my #Vaxxed colleagues to learn why they avoid TMP and the Abolition Movement.

I interviewed Brandy Vaughan by telephone.  “TMP called me the C-word!” said Brandy Vaughan, “TMP is vile and disgusting!”  Okay, Brandy, fine, we get it.  But why don’t you, Brandy Vaughan, support vaccine abolition?  “Well, I secretly support vaccine abolition,” explained Brandy, “but I cannot publicly support it because abolition would make our moovement look like a bunch of loons.”  Wait. Srsly?

I interviewed Joshua Coleman at a GameStop in downtown Sacramento.  “TMP called me the F-word!” said Joshua Coleman, “TMP is not a classy guy!”  Okay, Coleman, sure, we get it.  But why don’t you, Joshua Coleman, support vaccine abolition?  “Well, I secretly support vaccine abolition,” explained Coleman, “but I cannot publicly support it because abolition would make our moovement look like a bunch of loons.”  Okay. Srsly?

I interviewed Larry Crook at the Blue Parrot on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood.  “TMP called me the E-word!” said Larry Crook, “TMP is totally unprofessional!” Okay, Larry, whatever, we get it.  But why don’t you, Larry Crook, support vaccine abolition?  “Well, I secretly support vaccine abolition,” explained Larry, “but I cannot publicly support it because abolition would make our moovement look like a bunch of loons.”  Alright. Srsly?

So, Brandy, Joshua, and Larry are Secret Abolitionists! (IKR?) (Who knew?)  But wait just a sec!  In their Secret Abolition Society, they don’t practice what they preach!  They secretly practice “vaccine abolition” for themselves — while they publicly preach “vaccine choice” for everybody else!  Hypocritical much? #GTFO!  Controlled opposition!

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”
Vladimir Lenin, Russian Revolutionary

And did you notice how Vaughan, Coleman, and Crook all use the exact same lingo? (“Loon!”)  Word for word — identical!  Is this a coincidence? Nope!  As an independent journalist, I can tell they are all reading from the same script!  Obviously, they are crisis actors!  #FAKEtivists

And they say that Abolitionists make Ex-vaxxers look like a bunch of loons?  Srsly?  Ex-Vaxxers already look like a bunch of loons!  It’s loony to fight for “vaccine choice!” — because choice kills babies!  It’s also loony to fight for “informed consent!” — because no sane person consents to being poisoned!  And it’s loony to fight for “safe vaccines!” — because no such things exist.

Do Ex-vaxxers understand that all childhood vaccine injuries begin with “vaccine choice?”  Just say “NO” to vaccine choice!  We must be willing to legally forbid others from choosing vaccines!  Bright idea: if we simply eliminate “vaccine choice,” then we eliminate all childhood vaccine injuries!  Yay!

Ex-vaxxers understand that vaccines can harm their own children, therefore, they should understand that vaccines can harm everyone’s children!!  When Ex-vaxxers advocate “vaccine choice,” it’s morally wrong — because it’s immoral to poison other people!  No parent has the right to poison their own damn kids!  C’mon!

Okay! Should childhood sex-trafficking be a “choice” too?  Should individual families decide whether sex-trafficking is right for their kids?  No!–because sex-trafficking is dangerous for kids!  And guess what?–vaccines are every bit as dangerous as sex-trafficking!  If Congress can outlaw sex-trafficking to protect children, then they can also outlaw vaccines for the same reason! #wokeAF

Hey, If you actually know that vaccines cause injury and death — but you argue that people should have the “right to choose” injury and death — then you are everything that’s wrong with this world!  In fact, you just might be a crisis actor — working for pharma — like Brandy Vaughan, Joshua Coleman, and Larry Crook!!  #busted

Boortz's Happy Ending

The selling of books, t-shirts, and DVDs will not halt the autism epidemic.  Nor will it be halted by Brandy’s billboards, Larry’s green screen videos, or Coleman with a cardboard sign and a bad haircut stalking Sen. Pan.  A total vaccine ban is the only way to halt the autism epidemic!  #TruthHits

And next time you hear Del Bigtree calling for more vaccine safety studies, ask him — whose kids should participate in the studies?  Voiceless African orphans?  Or, maybe we can use Del’s kids as “human pincushions?!”  #word

Del and the #Vaxxed team are “pro-vaxxers!” Want proof?  In their own words, the movie poster says, “Vaxxed is NOT an anti-vaccine Film!” (Duh!) It’s pro-vaccine!  The poster also says, “Vaxxed calls for safe vaccines for our kids.”  Stop right there!  I’m calling bee-ess!  No such thing as “safe” vaccines!

vaxxed NOT anti vax

And how come Del Bigtree never organizes street rallies?  Imagine 50 Ex-vaxxers locking arms — in front of a renowned pediatrician’s office — with Del on the bullhorn leading the chant: “Not one more baby! Not one more baby!”  (IKR?)  Imagine tearful Ex-vaxxers — in front of a CVS pharmacy — holding oversized posters of persons injured by the flu shot — chanting: “It’s not medicine, it’s violence! It’s not medicine, it’s violence!”  (Ya know?)

So, why no #Vaxxed street rallies?  Spoiler alert: pharma doesn’t allow street rallies.  That’s too extreme.  Pharma prefers you engage in calmer, more controlled activities — like purchasing books, movies, and t-shirts — or donating to Brandy’s billboard campaign, Joshua’s criminal defense fund, or Larry’s eye surgery.  Remember, when you send dollars to Facebook “leaders,” it helps offset pharma’s cost of hiring those “leaders.”  #TheMoreYouKnow

If you wanna learn how to spot the controlled opposition, just look to the “leaders” of your moovement.  (Hint: it’s always the “leaders.”)  Pharma controls the “leaders” of its opposition moovement — to control the tempo — to ensure the moovement goes nowhere — at the slowest possible pace — “baby steps!”

baby steps genocide

Listen up!  Safety studies are pointless!  Vaccine safety is just a myth!  Vaccines are “weapons of war” designed to slow population growth and create lifelong pharma customers!  For fuck’s sake!  There no such thing as “safe” vaccines — because vaccines are designed to kill and disable — and there’s no “safe” way to kill or disable another person!  #realAF

There’s no such thing as a “safe” vaccine, nor such thing as an “effective” vaccine!  All vaccines are a hoax!  None of them work!  And any one of them can kill you!  If you’re not fighting for a total vaccine ban — then you empower genocide!  The time to resist is now!  #YouHeardMe

#RealAF #WokeAF

P.S.  Shoutout to all my Ex-vaxxer, ex-friends–
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“Freedom means nothing
if you can’t keep the government
out of your body.”


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