“Vaxxed 2 – The Zimmerman Psyop!” Movie Review! (Spoiler Alert!)

by T. Matthew Phillips, Attorney-at-Law

Private Screening with Kanye West
Have you seen Delores Bigtree’s new movie?  I have!  I wish to thank Delores for inviting me to a party at Kanye West’s home out in Calabasas, Calif. — for a private screening of Del’s latest joint, #Vaxxed 2 – The Zimmerman Psyop!  This film, of course, is the sequel to last season’s, #Vaxxed From Safe Vaccines to Safe Vaccine Mandates.  So what’s all the hoopla about?  (“Shh!” It’s another false flag production!)

Zimmerman on Autism
Did Zimmerman really testify that: “Vaccines cause autism?”  Well, it depends who you ask!  According to Delores Bigtree’s new movie, Zimmerman definitely said the magic word – “autism!”  And Delores argues that — once exposed to the light of day — Zimmerman’s testimony will set-off a worldwide revolution — which will blow the lid off the debate as to whether vaccines cause autism!

vaxxed amber smith finale
“Vaxxed” is short for “vaccinated” – past tense of the verb “to vaccinate.”

The Autism Show Trials
The movie #Vaxxed 2 focuses on the exploits of a pediatrician, Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, who became a government witness in the notorious Omnibus Autism Proceedings, (“OAP”) — commonly known as the Autism Show Trials, (“AST”) — in which the government was bound and determined to once-and-for-all debunk the theory that “vaccines cause autism.”

Government Witness
#Vaxxed 2 tells the story of Zimmerman’s controversial testimony in the Autism Show Trials.  Full of theatrical fertilizer, the movie makes shocking allegations of a government cover-up!  The movie claims that Zimmerman’s testimony was suppressed by a shadow conspiracy — of unseen sinister forces — from dimly-lit regions of the Deep State, (“DS”).  (I know, right?!)

Why Cover-Up Zimmerman’s Testimony?
Bigtree argues that — because of Zimmerman’s testimony — a little girl from Georgia named Hannah Poling received a whopping $20 million vaccine court settlement — a world record — after having been diagnosed with “regressive encephalopathy” — which is kinda sorta like “autism.”  Bigtree argues that the Powers That Be, (“PTB”), conspired to suppress Zimmerman’s testimony because, if Zimmerman were allowed to testify in the other autism cases, then all the other children would also be entitled to $20 million — and it would conclusively establish that vaccines cause autism — which would open the floodgates of litigation!  And, perhaps more significantly, if all 5,000 claimants got $20 million each, then HHS would have to pay-out a grand total of $100 billion in autism claims — which would bankrupt the government!  (“Uh-oh!”)

Zimmerman’s Actual Testimony 
First of all, Zimmerman’s testimony is troubling.  Why?–because it is contradictory.  Consider the following excerpt from Zimmerman’s affidavit — where he contradicts himself…

zimmerman quote

Paragraph “8” vs. Paragraph “9” 
To summarize, in paragraph no. 8, Zimmerman says: vaccinations COULD cause autism, but then, in paragraph no. 9, he says: three things combined DID cause regressive encephalopathy with features of ASD.

Autism?–or Encephalopathy?
Zimmerman begins by stating: “vaccinations could cause autism.”  But then he pulls a switcheroo!  Zimmerman clarifies his remark by explaining that three pre-existing conditions, (not vaccines!), caused Hannah Poling’s “regressive encephalopathy” (not “autism!”).

Encephalopathy – Not Autism  
Zimmerman begins by talking about “autism,” (a neurological disorder), but he ends by talking about “encephalopathy,” (a brain disease caused by poisons or infections).

Did you catch it?  In a classic psyop maneuver, Zimmerman pulls a sneaky “bait ‘n switch!”  He starts paragraph no. 8 by talking about “autism” — but then he switches over — almost imperceptibly — and finishes paragraph no. 9 with “regressive encephalopathy” — all in the blink of an eye!  “The closer you look, the less you’ll see!”  #NowYouSeeMe

all quiet on the western front final
Original #Vaxxed 2 movie poster – which did not test well with audiences at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, Calif.

Features of Autism?
Okay, I’m just gonna ask out loud — what does Zimmerman mean by: “features of ASD?” (Srsly?)  What are “features of ASD?”  Is that the same thing as having autism?–and, if so, then why doesn’t he just say the “A” word?  I’m just gonna come out and say it — the ASD “spectrum” is very broad, so much so, that “features of autism” could literally mean just about anything, which underscores the pointlessness of Zimmerman’s testimony!

The Troublesome Causation Element
Notably, Zimmerman says, “vaccinations could (theoretically) cause autism,” but he never explains “how” vaccinations could cause autism.  Instead, he explains the cause of “regressive encephalopathy,” which afflicted Hannah Poling apparently because she had a pre-existing condition — defective DNA, i.e., mitochondrial disease, which apparently was exacerbated by one or more of the 5 vaccines given to her at 19 months, which apparently led to Hannah “regressive encephalopathy with features of ASD” ….. but not actual “autism!”  (Get it?)  #OrwellianWordGames

The DNA Blame Game
A devout eugenicist, Zimmerman says that “regressive encephalopathy with features of ASD” is caused by dysfunctional mitochondria — i.e., bad DNA!  In other words, it’s all your fault!  Your inferior genes caused your child’s autism!– not the vaccines!  Ever notice how they blame all modern diseases on your lousy DNA?!

Never Blame the Vaccines!
Apparently, the vaccines were just hanging around — minding their own business — when your bad genes suddenly came along and induced your immune system to launch an unprovoked attack on your nervous system!

doctors finale

Which Vaccine Ingredients Cause Autism?
Basically, Zimmerman says that vaccines kinda-sorta cause autism, but he never identifies any specific vaccine — nor any specific vaccine ingredient — as the culprit!  This is totally lame!  It’s also the surest sign of a false flag operation!  Remarkably, Zimmerman fails to identify the specific vaccine ingredient(s) that causes autism.  By failing to indicate which vaccine ingredient(s) “could” cause autism — Zimmerman’s testimony is rendered worthless.

Devil’s in the Details!
It’s not good enough for Zimmerman to say, “vaccinations could maybe cause autism in those folks who already have defective mitochondrial DNA.”  Too vague!  Not enough details!  We Abolitionists wish to hear Zimmerman boldly declare: “Injected mercury can and does cause autism, and so does injected aluminum and injected formaldehyde!”  And then put it on YouTube!

Abolitionists Wish to Know  
Many members of the Vaccine Abolition Society have questions for Dr. Zimmerman, such as: “Hey, Zimmerman, during your illustrious pediatric career, how many children did you poison to death with your vaccines?  Hmm?”

skip me
Jan. 6, 2019 – The Golden Globes – “Head Napkins!”
The universal symbol for vaccine refusal. #SkipMe 

The Real Dr. Zimmerman
Naturally, Bigtree’s new film downplays Zimmerman’s role as an instrument of state oppression — destroying an entire generation of children — by injecting them with poisons calculated to cause cancer, impair fertility, alter DNA, and perhaps most significantly, to create lifelong pharma customers.  Bigtree never mentions the seedier side of Zimmerman’s career — the stories of unsuspecting children — the innocents — who Zimmerman mercilessly sacrifices on the deathly altar of inoculation.

Moral of the Story
Zimmerman is no hero.  Pediatricians can never be heroes.  Like ever.  And the fact that Delores Bigtree celebrates this murderous pediatrician speaks volumes.  Truth is, Zimmerman is just another crisis actor — playing a role in an online “reality TV” event called #Vaxxed.  And Zimmerman’s supposed bombshell testimony is really just a stink-bomb — not worth a thin dime!

vaccines autism

Vaccines Do Cause Autism!
Yes, they do!  It’s true.  Vaccines do indeed cause autism.  It’s the heavy metals, aluminum, and formaldehyde.  When injected into the body, heavy metals, aluminum, and formaldehyde, are caustic and corrosive — they literally “fry” the tissues of the nervous system — which is the body’s communications network.  And, once nerve tissues are damaged, it impairs the nervous system’s ability to conduct electricity, which inhibits the ability to send and receive electrical impulses.  Next thing you know, the brain cannot send signals to move the legs, and they call it “acute flaccid paralysis” or “transverse myelitis,” which were once called “polio.”  (Note: vaccine-induced nerve damage is also called “GBS,” “MS,” “ALS,” “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” etc.)

Location is Everything
The body has hundreds of billions of nerve cells, called neurons, which are easily damaged by mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and other toxic vaccine ingredients.  Curiously, when neuron damage happens in the central nervous system, they call it “MS,” but when neuron damage happens in the peripheral nervous system, they call it “GBS.”  Why different names?–because, by giving different names to the same ailment, it hides the fact that both ailments stem from the same cause, i.e., toxic vaccine ingredients, which are highly corrosive to the cells of the nervous system.

How to End the Autism Epidemic
The ONLY way to end the autism epidemic is with a total vaccine ban.  Make no mistake — vaccine ingredients are the cause-in-fact of autism.  Family history cannot be the cause — because there’s no such thing as an “epidemic of bad genes.”  Furthermore, family history cannot be the cause — because modern autism rates appear nowhere in the historical record.  Besides, vaccine inserts plainly warn of autism as a vaccine side effect!  Are you paying attention?  Wake-UP!

marienbad aa

The Last Best Hope for Humanity
All vaccines are a hoax, none of them work, and any one of them can kill you.  The only real world solution is a total vaccine ban!  Abolitionism is the last best hope for humanity!

Worldwide Abolition Now!
“Be” the Abolitionist you want to see in the world!  Demand worldwide vaccine abolition now!  Please join us in calling for an unconditional ban on the production and sale of all vaccines!  It’s the only way to end the autism epidemic — and the only way to stop the vaccine holocaust!

~ T. Matthew Phillips, Esq. ~

chinatown edit final

–   T H E   E N D   –

Produced and Directed by TMP’s Midnight Minions
in association with Chapter Eleven Productions,
Fly-By-Night Management Services, and
Neurotica Entertainment Group

Copyright 2019

“Science is as much of as religion
as any religion has ever been.”
Dr. N. Lee Swanson







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  1. Wow you’re so uninformed! Please read a research paper correctly and educate yourself instead of repeating talking points. Use some critical thinking and investigate with some humility. You don’t understand science.


  2. What they were doing for decades in those military secret labs? Polished to perfection jabs. Do you want to have gays in a sudden region, no problem we gonna ship batch Nr.123WOOPS . Overcrowded ghetto, just a moment batch nr.911. And they weren’t tested on rats…..
    Recent vape psychosis. A Juul is established with who knows money, selling 50mg bubble gum juice to kids. Altria spends billions on vapes and a sudden unexpected ban.
    US government find out that 7 (again this seven) died and they couldn’t sleep. A FIdelity based in Massachusetts invested money in JUUL and some half-drunk governor decided to f. them in one night.
    And everybody bought it. Nobody question that this story simply does not add up.
    I was a heavy smoker with two-packs per day. But 12-15 mg is perfect for vaping. A 50? 50 is to those who don’t know what is nicotine. 50 it makes you high, 50 it will keep me awake for the entire night. After one this Juul, a teen is hardcore nicotine junkie. Nicotine is stronger addicted substance then all street drugs combined.
    So how this all double triple whacko makes sense? I bet a dollar what will happen in the US next. Small independent producers importers will be kicked out of business following regulations that only Juuls will be able to keep. Juul will continue to drug kids and make potential nicotine junkies for the rest of their life with 50 mg candy and who knows what they will add more to it. And everybody happy.
    More in this fiasco billions were stolen on stock market manipulation. Fidelity pensions of a plumber got smaller. The whole show will end in a multi-billion profit in a 5-year short term and a new era to enslave people with nicotine it is opened.
    Now you can smoke, vape, sniff, drink its all ours! And if you don’t want any of it- we will inject you.


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