“NO on AB-123! YES on Childhood Medical Privacy!”

“NO on AB-123!  YES on Childhood Medical Privacy!”
by T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.

NO on AB-123! 
For the record, I oppose Nevada Assembly Bill No. 123.  It’s plainly unconstitutional.  AB-123 is yet another troubling example of pharma’s stranglehold on Carson City lawmakers!  AB-123 is a perfect example of why I support the separation of #pharma and #state.

AB-123—the Scoop! 
AB-123 is step one — in a two-part scheme — to bring forcible vaccination to the Great State of Nevada.  Don’t let ’em get away with it!  This session, they want “vaccine reporting” – next session, they’ll want “vaccine mandates.”  It’s a slippery slope!  First, they register the guns – then they confiscate the guns!  (Get it?)  Just say “NO!” to government overreach!  “NO! on AB-123!”

AB-123 wrongfully encroaches upon fundamental liberties—e.g., the “right to privacy,” the “right to medical self-determinism,” “the right to parent,” “freedom of religion,” the “right to attend school,” and the 4th Amendment “right to be secure in one’s person”—with no compelling reason to support the government encroachments.

tyrone thompson pharma article

AB-123 brings to mind jackboots goose-stepping on the cobblestones — along with the cold, wet smell of fascism!  AB-123 is an unholy merger of “government power” plus “corporate power” — which burdens and oppresses the People!  AB-123 demonstrates Carson City’s reckless disregard for the People’s constitutional rights.

Solution—a Privacy Bill 
We need a childhood medical privacy bill for two reasons: (1) to protect our children’s right to privacy, and (2) to stop mandatory vaccination.  If we enforce the basic constitutional notion that medical records are private, then the school nurse cannot scrutinize your child’s inoculation records!  Problem solved!

Childhood Medical Privacy Act 
Without further ado, here’s the “Childhood Medical Privacy Act.”  This proposed bill works in all 50 states — and will work even at the federal level — as a proposed constitutional amendment!  #DontStopMeNow

C H I L D H O O D   M E D I C A L   P R I V A C Y   A C T

(1)  Medical Privacy – The State of Nevada declares that a child’s medical records, medical history, and medical status shall be deemed private—and accorded the fullest constitutional liberties and safeguards.

(a)  No school, of any kind whatsoever, may demand disclosure of a child’s medical records, medical history, or medical status—as a pre-condition to enrollment in any school or any school program.

(b)  No school, of any kind whatsoever, may forbid enrollment in any school or any school program—based on a child’s medical records, medical history, or medical status.

(2)  Civil Damages – Any person who violates this section shall be liable in a civil action for statutory damages of at least $5,000—in addition to any actual damages incurred.

(3)  Injunctive Relief – Where appropriate, courts may grant injunctive relief to safeguard rights under this chapter.

(4)  Costs and Attorney’s Fee – In any civil action, any person who violates this chapter shall be liable for costs and reasonable attorney’s fees.

T. Matthew Phillips

P.S.  Please share with Nevada peeps!  But be careful!  The Facebook groups “Medical Freedom Nevada” and “Vaccine Free Parents of Nevada” are both controlled by pharma — they blocked me the day after I testified in opposition to AB-123!  Go figure!  It must have been a temporal coincidence!  LoL!

Stop Mandatory Vaccination Now!

Support Childhood Medical Privacy!

Send this pdf version to your state lawmakers!

Make this bill become “law!”


Printable Version — Childhood Medical Privacy Act!

TMPgrant sawyer FINAL
Civil rights attorney, T. Matthew Phillips, threatens to sue
Nevada Assemblyman, Tyrone Thompson! (Feb. 19, 2019)

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“Freedom means nothing if you can’t
keep the government out of your body!”
T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.





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