Alan G. Phillips Jailed! The Untold Story – by the Attorney Who Ratted Him Out!

The shocking true story of how an undercover pharma operative got busted for practicing law without a license—got arrested three times—and got his law license suspended—as told by the attorney who ratted him out!—T. Matthew Phillips!

Alan G. Phillips is under arrest!  That’s right!  North Carolina attorney Alan G. Phillips, is in custody of the Wake County Sheriff’s Office – serving a 30-day sentence for contempt of court – for disobeying a court order – refusing to give his client files to the court!

“Once … twice … three times a jailbird!”  Remarkably, this is Alan G. Phillips’ third jail sentence for contempt of court!  He was sentenced to 48 hours on April 30, 2019; another 48 hours on May 9, 2019; and a 30-day sentence on May 20, 2019.  His law license is now suspended. 

alan g. phillips ee


According to his website, Alan G. Phillips is “the nation’s only attorney whose practice is focused solely on vaccine exemptions.”  Basically, he pretends to be a “national” vaccine rights lawyer!

States license lawyers to practice law and lawyers may give legal advice only in the states where they are licensed.  Alan G. Phillips can give advice to North Carolina residents only.  And now he’s in hot water for giving legal advice outside his home state.  

It all started back in 2015, when Alan G. Phillips gave legal advice to a Temecula woman who wished to challenge California’s mandatory vax law, (SB-277).  But this was an obvious ethical violation—because Alan Phillips does NOT hold a California law license.  Truth is, Alan G. Phillips had no intention of actually filing a lawsuit.  His only goal was to foil the woman’s plans by creating chaos and controversy—which he did!  (Ironically, the woman later hired my office to sue the State of California.)

  alan phillips June 26, 2016

So, why is this a big deal?  And how did this story get on TV?  Isn’t this just another nitwit lawyer trying to scam a few bucks with an out-of-state gig?  No, not exactly.  The rabbit hole runs deep.  And it’s super-moist!  Okay folks, grab onto your socks or hose and pull—it’s gonna be one helluva bumpy ride!

In reality, Alan G. Phillips is a crisis actor, (hired by a Merck or Pfizer subsidiary), to be pharma’s eyes and ears in the pro-choice moovement.  Alan G. Phillips is a two-faced SOB who pretends to oppose vaccines, while at the same time working behind the scenes to roll-out the red carpet for more mandates.  Alan G. Phillips collaborates with evil.  He represents everything wrong with this world.

alan g. phillips 44

The pro-choice moovement touts Alan G. Phillips as the ultimate legal expert on vaccines.  Pharma set it up that way.  All the pro-choice leaders, (e.g., Del Bigtree, Andy Fakefield, etc.), actively market Alan G. Phillips as the “go to guy” for vaccine legal questions.

Alan G. Phillips’ real job is to stop legal uprisings against pharma.  For example, let’s say there’s a crunchy mom in Oregon who wants to challenge her state’s vax laws in court.  Most assuredly, she will ask questions on Facebook, and eventually, she will be funneled into the evil clutches of Alan G. Phillips—who will promptly crush the Oregon uprising.  Alan G. Phillips will create chaos and controversy—calculated to make that crunchy mom give-up and throw-in the towel.  (Imagine how many hopeful lawsuits he has dashed in this manner…)

It’s worth noting that Alan G. Phillips does not file lawsuits.  He doesn’t actually go to court.  In fact, there’s no record of him ever filing a vaccine exemption lawsuit.  He claims his law practice is devoted exclusively to vaccine exemptions—but this does not ring true.  It’s not believable that an attorney could earn a living merely by raising awareness about exemptions.  Besides, Alan G. Phillips already has a full-time gig—playing the role of big-shot attorney on Facebook.

Alan G. Phillips’ most vocal supporter is Stephanie Stock—another “pro-choicer.”  Stephanie understands that all childhood vaccine injuries begin with parental choice—and that’s why she supports the parental “right to choose” vaccines.  Yup!  She too is a crisis actor! stephanie stock 33 FINAL

Stephanie Stock is a disinformation agent who pretends that Alan G. Phillips is a hero for protecting his client’s privacy rights.  She pretends that pharma is using the North Carolina Bar to obtain Alan G. Phillips’ client list—in order to punish the clients for associating with a vaccine rights lawyer!  Here, we see the message of fear—which is pharma’s hallmark!

Stephanie Stock pretends that Alan G. Phillips is a saint for putting his client’s interests above his own.  Stephanie praises Alan G. Phillips as a martyr for the cause—nobly sacrificing his personal freedom—willing to go to jail—to shield his clients from pharma harassment.  (Okay, I just threw-up in my mouth a little…)

According to Stephanie Stock, Alan G. Phillips is targeted as a “whistleblower.”  But that’s just dumb.  A whistleblower is an employee who squeals on his or her employer—reporting unlawful activities—while still on the job!  By definition, Alan G. Phillips cannot be a whistleblower—because he’s officially unemployed!

alan G. Phillips TIE

Straight outta Cleveland, Ohio, Stephanie Stock and her boss (Sherri Shillpenny) run online groups, (e.g., Choosy Buckeye Moms for Choice), which venerate Alan G. Phillips as the sacrificial lamb of their cause!  They pretend that pharma targets Alan G. Phillips because he’s such a bad-ass activist.  They tell heroic tales of Alan G. Phillips—the freedom fighter who rose to become an intolerable thorn in the side of pharma—for which pharma now gets revenge by using its pawn, the North Carolina State Bar, to put him in jail!  (Are you paying attention?)

Stephanie Stock’s boss  is a medical freedom advocate named Robert Nelson Vance—who provides real-time coverage of the Alan G. Phillips legal drama.  Robert Nelson Vance pretends to be a grassroots dude who donates his time, as an unpaid volunteer, to support Alan G. Phillips.  Srsly?  This must explain why Robert Nelson Vance refers to his unpaid, volunteer gig as a “job.”  #TheInternetNeverForgets

robert nelson v

Robert Nelson Vance writes propaganda articles about Alan G. Phillips, and these articles are distributed through pharma’s “controlled” media outlets, (Natural News, Vaccine Impact, Erin the Nutter Butter, etc.).  Humorously, they all pretend it’s a “witch hunt” and that Alan G. Phillips is being persecuted for speaking-out against vaccines!  Um…it’s not a witch hunt.  Not. Even. Close.

Alan G. Phillips is being targeted by no one (except us!).  Truth is, he’s an undercover pharma operative—dressed in sheep’s clothes—wearing a cheesy-ass cartoon necktie that disembowels Vincent Van Gogh’s immortal spirit!  Are you effin kidding me?

alan phillips tie

Pharma now exploits the Alan G. Phillips drama!  Pharma uses him for advertising purposes!—to broadcast fear!  The message?  “Lawyers who dabble in vaccine rights will be harassed then jailed.”  And this, of course, explains why his commonplace ethical violation is being broadcast on prime-time TV!

One has to wonder:  How much extra “combat pay” does Alan G. Phillips get?—while he sits on ice for 30 days in the Wake County Jail—eating shitty GMO bologna ‘n cheese sammiches!

Pharma uses Alan G. Phillips to scare other lawyers from taking vaccine exemption cases—much in the same way pharma uses Dr. Bob Sears to scare other doctors from writing vaccine exemptions!  (Get it?)  And all of pharma’s controlled media outlets are “in” on it, (Mercola, Wild Doc, NVIC, Larry Crook, etc.).  Remarkably, they do manage to pull the wool over the eyes of a few, i.e., the gullible and feeble-minded.

shannon mm edit

WHERE are all the LAWYERS?
Stephanie Stock now sells t-shirts to raise money—to get a lawyer for Alan G. Phillips.  However, as radio host Robert Scott Bell explains, no lawyers will come forward—supposedly because they’re all afraid!  That’s right!  Robert Scott Bell is another pharma operative selling the message of fear—creating the impression that no lawyer will stand-up to pharma!

Okay, so how come the North Carolina Bar wants to see Alan G. Phillips’ client list?  Why?—because, at his website, Alan G. Phillips proudly displays hundreds of testimonials!  These glowing testimonials sing the praises of America’s premiere vaccine rights attorney—Alan G. Phillips!  But wait—who are these people?  Are they clients?

At his website, (, there are several hundred testimonials—apparently from clients!  Curiously, their names appear only as “initials!”  These testimonials describe Alan G. Phillips as a living god!  One reads:  “You are a rock star!” (by “J.L.”).  Srsly?  If you believe these testimonials are legit, then you may be suffering from MJS—Muat Jachetta Syndrome!  C’mon!  This is the fakest fakery in the history of ever!

The testimonials are fake.  Somebody at pharma headquarters just wrote-up a couple hundred blurbs full of nauseating, sugar-coated claptrap and then randomly assigned pairs of initials—and the legend was born!  Alan G. Phillips—America’s premiere vaccine rights lawyer!  (Can you feel the bile rise?)

I can’t even dance around it—I’ll just come out and say it!—there is no client list!  That’s right!  There’s NO client list because Alan G. Phillips has NO clients!  The testimonials are pure fiction!—and this means that Alan G. Phillips has no client list to give to the court!

Alan G. Phillips now finds himself between a rock and a hard place—if he doesn’t produce a client list, he will be repeatedly sent back to jail!  On the other hand, if he tells the truth, and admits he has no clients, then he’ll be in hot water for false advertising with all the fake-ass testimonials!  Bye-bye legal career!  Fun while it lasted!

Alan G. Phillips is a minor, but influential celeb, much like a reality TV star.  He secretly works undercover for pharma, participating in sensational events, which are widely broadcast on social media—and even on prime-time TV—to sway attorneys from taking vaccine rights cases—for fear that they too will have their law licenses suspended!

alan g. phillips 66

“Crisis actors are undercover agents, corporate or government, who participate in false flag events, which are sensationalized in the mainstream media to sway public opinion towards some hidden corporate or government agenda.” — Rudy Twomoon, (American Naturalist & Philosopher)

Make no mistake, the Alan G. Phillips drama is a heavily monetized false flag event!  Alan G. Phillips is a highly paid actor—who gets dressed-up by the wardrobe department—with the same GD necktie in every photo!—and then wheeled-out, on cue, to read his lines—just like Rachel Green and Monica Geller!  And this is how pharma controls the narrative.

Stop following crisis actors!  Wake UP!  If they’re not advocating for an unconditional vaccine ban, then they empower genocide!

The time to resist is now.  Demand worldwide vaccine abolition!  You heard me.

~~T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.

N E W   E V I D E N C E

Recently, I found some more incriminating evidence on a back-up disc, which I shall make available to the North Carolina Bar!  Check out this post from known pharma troll, Elizabeth Murphy—who pretends that Alan G. Phillips has helped many of her friends with vaccine rights cases!  She’s lying, of course, but this is shows how pharma uses crisis actors to control the narrative!

alan phillips eliz murphy EDIT



Next, check out this post from another pharma troll, Fawn E. Caldwell—who pretends that Alan G. Phillips “legally” helped her pregnant “daughter.”  This one pours it on thick—pretending that she checked Alan G. Phillips’ law license before hiring him!


alan phillips 55


And here’s yet another pharma troll who claims Alan G. Phillips personally helped her “daughter.”  Once again, more lies!  But notice how all these trolls claim that Alan G. Phillips helped their “friends” and “relatives!”  The point?—in all instances, the supposed clients are unknown third parties!  LoL!



Just one more!  This comes from Yours Truly!  Apparently, this was posted on FB just after contacting the North Carolina authorities!  Yay!!

alan phillips tmp comment


Alan Phillips jailbird EDIT

EXCLUSIVE!  READ the ACTUAL COURT ORDER!  Note!—this court document is not available at Ohio Medical Freedom Advocates!  Why?—because Sherri Shillpenny doesn’t want you to know the truth!


– T H E   E N D –

Produced and Directed by TMP’s Midnight Minions
in association with Chapter Eleven Productions,
Fly-By-Night Management Services, and
Neurotica Entertainment Group

Copyright 2019

“Freedom means nothing if you can’t
keep the government out of your body!”
T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.


13 thoughts on “Alan G. Phillips Jailed! The Untold Story – by the Attorney Who Ratted Him Out!

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  1. I’m confused. You have no college degree, yet you claim to be an attorney. Is this whole website a joke? By the way, I was one of Alan Phillips’ clients. Not my friend, daughter, or seventeenth cousin 16 times removed. I came here in an attempt to get a serious overview of the other side to the Alan Philipps controversy. I guess I will keep looking. If you are an attorney (and I do not have the time to go looking for proof myself, nor do I care enough to bother, now that I’ve read this), you have likely made yourself the target of your own state bar association’s ethics committee, as this is the most unprofessional writing I have ever seen purporting to be written by an attorney, and I have seen some entertaining examples of such while in law school!


  2. Hey psycho, nice try pretending to be “T. Matthew Phillips”, the name you stole from some British guy whose ACTUAL name is Matthew Phillips, (minus the “T”) with a defunct blog site! I mean, sRsLy, like…, SRSLY??!?! People actual fall for this steaming pile of shite you’re attempting to pass of as a legit website? One click on your ugly little profile pic way down yonder at the bottom links directly to the website you’ve stolen to create your fake identity. That, coupled with the utterly cringeworthy vomit you have spewed all over this little corner of the WWW, makes you an actual, bonafide fucking psychopath. And a spook. Go fuck yourself.


      1. So calling him a “pharma operative” was a tongue-in-cheek comment? One guest he had on many times over the years was Sallie Elkordy. She advocated for the abolition of vaccines till the day she died. Regardless, not being a vaccine abolitionist does not make you a pharma operative. That’s ridiculous.


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