ROCKLAND COUNTY OUTBREAK! “Wild” Measles? Or “Man-Made” Measles?

by T. Matthew Phillips, Attorney-at-Law

Mar. 28, 2019 – Yesterday, I spoke with John Lyon, Director of Strategic Communications for Rockland County, N.Y., which confirms 155 persons have measles! (Omfg!)

I asked Mr. Lyon about the “body count,” but he said nobody died yet.  I asked about the number of victims — were they vaxxed vs. un-vaxxed?  But Mr. Lyon didn’t know.

Most significantly, Mr. Lyon did not know whether the 155 victims had a “wild” measle strain — or a “man-made” measle strain.  (Re-read the last sentence…)

I suggested to Mr. Lyon that, if the County did lab testing, they could then determine whether the victims have “man-made” measles, (which comes from Merck and GSK), or “wild” measles, (which lurks on doorknobs and toilet seats).

measles death star

I urged Mr. Lyon that, before the County confirms a case of measles, they should first confirm whether the victim has “wild” measles — or “man-made” measles!!  And Mr. Lyon actually agreed with this sentiment! 🙂

However, truth is — if they determined which measle strain caused the outbreak, it would be revealed that all the victims contracted a “man-made” strain of the virus — which would mean that the supposed “outbreak” was really just another epic vaccine failure.

Make no mistake, Rockland’s public heath crisis was caused by corrupt vaccines — designed and intended to spread the measle virus, to infect others, to generate fear and panic, which makes it easier to subdue and oppress the masses — and easier to rollout the red carpet for vaccine mandates.

If Rockland actually did some CSI-style lab work, they would know the exact cause of the outbreak.  But they don’t wanna know!  Rockland just follows orders.  They blame the outbreak on the usual suspects, (you guessed it), the “unvaccinated!”

“Unvaccinated” does not mean “diseased.”
“Vaccinated” does not mean “disease free.”
(Just marinate on that…)

Rockland now indicates that 82.7% of the victims had 0 MMRs . . . 3.8% had 1 MMR . . . 3.8% had 2 MMRs . . . 9.6% unknown status (whatever that means).  And so, because 82.7% of the victims were (supposedly) “unvaccinated,” they blame the outbreak on the un-vaxxed.

But this is just a clever sleight of hand to distract you from asking the million dollar question:  Which measle strain do the victims have?  “Wild” measles?  Or “man-made” measles?

So which measle strain did Patient Zero spread to all the helpless victims?  Sadly, Rockland refuses to identify the particular measle strain that destroyed the lives of 155 helpless victims.  #NoTransparency

Here’s a link to Rockland County’s website–click here for “official” (wink-wink) measle statistics:

Mr. Lyon also indicates they’ve given 17,000 MMR shots during The Measle Terror.  Yikes!  Whole lotta “shedding” goin’ on!  For folks who didn’t know, the term “shedding” is a kinder and gentler way to say: “infecting others.”  #TheMoreYouKnow

vaccines measles

Get ready for this — according to Mr. Lyon, you cannot get measles from the MMR shot, nor can the recently vaccinated infect others.  Wait a sec . . . WTF?  Srsly?

According to Mr. Lyon, there’s no such thing as “shedding!”  Remarkably, Rockland County authorities assert that “shedding’ is just another anti-vaxxer conspiracy theory!  (Are you paying attention?) 

Naturally, I pointed out to Mr. Lyon that MMR packaging inserts (from the manufacturer), plainly warn that the recently vaccinated “shed” for 28 days!  Yes, vaccine “shedding” is a bona fide scientific phenomenon!

On a more humorous note, the MMR inserts warn that the recently vaccinated, (wait for it…), can develop a “measles-like” rash.  Srsly?  A “rash?”  Stop right there!  Okay, this “measles-like” rash *IS* the “measles!”  Right?

According to the manufacturer, when pumped into the recently vaccinated, the lab strain can cause a “measles-like” rash (which is just another way of saying “measles”).  But, the reader will note, surviving the rash won’t confer lifelong immunity — because the rash was caused by the vaccine — which delivers an “attenuated” (weakened) strain of the virus, i.e., a lab strain, which may confer immunity to other lab strains — but, most certainly, will never confer immunity to the more hardy “wild strains” — which have not been weakened in the lab.

And remember, “wild strains” are the troublemakers!  Ever notice how Science blames ALL outbreaks on “wild strains?”  It has to.  Science cannot blame a lab strain”– e.g., from Pfizer’s New Jersey facility — because, by blaming a lab strain, it automatically condemns the vaccine for triggering the outbreak (which, in real life, is how it usually goes down…). 

Truth is, vaccines can, and do, cause the very disease they’re supposed to prevent.  Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the poison from the cure.

Flu shots contain flu viruses,
therefore, flu shots can cause the flu.


But again, remarkable as it sounds, Rockland refuses to acknowledge the phenomenon called “shedding.”  The so-called authorities just ignore the fact that the recently vaccinate “shed” their viruses.  FFS!  Why do you think they exclude the recently vaccinated from maternity wards?! — cancer wards?! — NICUs?!  Why?  Because human pincushions shed! — that’s why!  

Notably, the County’s official position on “shedding” is contrary to the vaccine makers’ official position, which comes from the ivory tower of Science, which basically means that, by ignoring the scientific phenomenon known as “shedding,” Rockland County is, (how can we put this?), “anti-science!” LoL!

Sadly, the County turns a blind eye to FDA-approved health warnings on the vaccine inserts — which plainly warn that the recently vaccinated can, and do, infect others (“shedding”) for up to 28 days post-vaccination.  The County places everybody at risk.  17,000 “shedders” on the loose!  Hordes of walking-talking, virus-laden, zombified time bombs — who will surely “shed,” (i.e., “infect”), others!!

How many innocents must die before Rockland institutes 28-day quarantine procedures to prevent the recently vaccinated from infecting the un-vaccinated?  C’mon!  The vaccine makers warn of “shedding” for 28 days!

Instead of “mandatory vax” for the unvaccinated,
let’s do “mandatory quarantine” for the recently vaccinated.

Trust me, I am not afraid of the unvaccinated.  Why?–because they can’t spread diseases they don’t have!  (Duh!)  I’m way more terrified of the recently vaccinated — who are pumped full of nasty-ass diseases — which tend to shed, much like Alaskan Huskies shed their fur!  (Get it?)


So who is to blame for allowing 17,000 shedders to shed all over the place?  Blame it on Mr. Ed Day, the County Executive — who jeopardizes the health of everyone in the GD County!   “Hey, Ed, tell me more about how you wanna halt disease outbreaks!–ever hear of quarantine for the recently vaccinated?”

Meanwhile, County law enforcement now threatens to prosecute unvaccinated citizens who enter public spaces!  Wow!  The Nazis have landed in New York!  Folks who wish to visit the supermarket must now bring inoculation records.  “Show me your papers!

rockland papers

In Rockland County, if you are virus-free, you cannot go out in public; however, if you are loaded-down with viruses from vaccines, then you may freely roam Rockland County — shedding everywhere you go, spreading disease, infecting others — and creating more vaccine demand — much to the delight of the vaccine makers.  (See how this works?)

Nowadays, to be “healthy,” your body must harbor lots of “viruses.”  (Source: Healthy People 2020.)  But close your eyes and imagine — if they simply stopped giving the measle virus to children, the virus would quickly go extinct!  (But that would kill vaccines sales, right?)

I am reminded of California’s mandatory vaxx law, SB-277, (which I litigated).  Under Calif. law, if “injected” with Hep-B, your child may attend school.  And, if “infected” with full-blown Hep-B, your child may still attend school (because schools can’t discriminate based on “medical status”).  However, if your child’s body is totally FREE of the Hep-B virus, he or she must be turned away at the schoolhouse door because the child has not received the holy benediction — i.e., the child has not been injected with a lab-strain of Hep-B.  #MindBlown

MORAL-of-the-STORY:  If Rockland authorities were legit, they would contact Quest Diagnostics — to determine whether this is an outbreak of “wild” measles or “man-made” measles, which they may easily determine.

From now on, before “confirming” a case of measles, Rockland should insist on lab testing — and refuse to accept the traditional measle diagnosis, which is based on an un-scientific “visual inspection” of patient’s body — which, even in 2019, is how they still diagnose measles in Rockland County.

Remarkably, all measle diagnoses in Rockland County are based on “visual inspection” — presumably because authorities don’t wanna know the truth — i.e., that all 155 cases originated at the point of a hypodermic syringe.  #TruthHitsEverybody

hitler -schiff
“Those who don’t know the past are condemned to repeat it, while
those who do, are condemned to sit by helplessly watching others repeat it.”

The Rockland County measles outbreak is a “hoax.”  It’s just another lame-ass false flag event — the purpose of which is to rollout the red carpet for more vaccine mandates and less personal freedoms.

And I think to myself, “What a wonderful world.”  ~~TMP.

Once you realize all vaccines are poison,
please join us @ Vaccine Abolition Society:

Produced and Directed by TMP’s Midnight Minions
in association with Chapter Eleven Productions,
Fly-By-Night Management Services, and
Neurotica Entertainment Group

Copyright 2019

“Freedom means nothing if you can’t
keep the government out of your body!”
T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.

4 thoughts on “ROCKLAND COUNTY OUTBREAK! “Wild” Measles? Or “Man-Made” Measles?

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  1. Beautiful article!
    Please take care of yourself. Those bastards are gonna try to turn off your volume if they see any potential about your ability to reach big numbers of people.


  2. With the lawsuit that’s being filed to stop forced vaccinations in New York, is this a situation where the case could ultimately be appealed and then eventually heard by the Supreme Court? And if this could happen, would this now mean that if the Supreme Court ruled that people could not utilize religious exemptions to refuse vaccines, that this law would then be in effect for everyone living in the entire United States?


  3. Hallelujah! Finally found someone who uses and posts common sense! Of course the Rockland County officials couldn’t test for type of measles. It would’ve destroyed their fear mongering narrative.
    I knew from the beginning that this so called outbreak was nothing more than a hoax and am more than happy to see that I’m not the only one who believes this!!


  4. In Florida we are trying to keep our religious exemption and make sure our medical exemption process is not changed with these new proposed policies. Help!?


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