“The Other Side of Religious Freedom”

T h e   O t h e r   S i d e   o f   R e l i g i o u s   F r e e d o m
by T. Matthew Phillips, Attorney-at-Law

“We argue that mandatory vaccination laws
violate the other side of religious freedom—
the right to live free of state-established religion.”

Freedom of Religion
Freedom of religion means two things:  (1) freedom to worship a god of your choice, and (2) freedom from having to worship a god of someone else’s choice.

Two Religious Rights
Freedom of religion comes in two halves.  One half forbids laws that burden or inhibit the free exercise of religion, while the other half forbids laws that promote or encourage state-established religion.

The Other Side of Religious Freedom
Mandatory vaccination laws violate the right to freely exercise religion.  Such laws unduly burden the parents’ natural right to raise their kids the way they see fit — free from unwarranted gov’t intrusion.  Yes!  But we go further!  We argue that mandatory vaccination laws also violate the other side of religious freedom—the right to live free from state-established religion.

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Establishment Clause 
The First Amendment guarantees the right to live free from state-established religion—whether it be traditional religions, such as Christianity—or more modern religions, such as Vaccinology.

Religion Defined 
Religion is a set of personal opinions based on blind faith.  Whether one believes that “Jesus Christ is the Son of God” is a matter of opinion based on blind faith.  So too, whether one believes that “vaccines confer immunity” is also an opinion based on blind faith.

Blind Faith
One’s belief in God requires blind faith.  So does one’s belief in vaccines.  But the First Amendment empowers the People to opt-out of mandatory belief systems that require blind faith.

Just the Facts 
There’s no tangible proof that Jesus confers everlasting life; the Believers have all the evidence they need.  Likewise, there’s no tangible proof that vaccines confer immunity; here again, the Believers have all the evidence.

Our Belief System 
We believe mandatory vaccination is a “sin.”  Parents alone have the right to decide what, if anything, goes into their children’s bodies.  We believe all vaccines kill and injure indiscriminately—and that none confer immunity.  Mother Nature alone confers immunity—and you can’t fool Mother Nature!

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The False Promise of Safety Testing 
Remember, the vaccine makers do all the safety testing, which means their test results are not really safety studies, so much as advertising campaigns.

Bogus Testing Standards  
Vaccines are never tested to see whether they confer immunity; instead, vaccines are tested only to see whether they can provoke an “immune defense response.”  But this is a rather silly test.  Why?—because anything injected into the body provokes an “immune defense response!”

The Religion of Science  
Mainstream science pretends that vaccine-induced “immune defense response” equals “immunity,”  But no facts support this.  The Believers rely exclusively on blind faith.

The Truth About Antibodies 
All vaccines cause antibody production.  Vaccination floods the body with viruses and chemicals—which the body perceives as “signs of infection.”  The immune system then responds with defender cells, (white blood cells), to fight-off the foreign invaders.  But the mere fact of an “immune defense response” is no indicator of “immunity.”

Do You Believe?  
Yes, Jesus Christ confers everlasting life—but only for Believers.  Likewise, vaccines confer immunity—but only for Believers.  And when it comes to vaccines, we are Disbelievers!  #Amen

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Moral High Ground 
We Abolitionists reject all vaccine testing on moral grounds.  Besides, safety testing makes vaccines no safer.  And whose children should be chosen, as crash-test dummies, to determine the lethal dosages of devilish poisons?  Which of God’s children shall be guinea pigs?  Should we allow Merck and Pfizer to test their vaccines on voiceless African orphans?  (Asking for a friend.)

Historical Precedent 
Back in the 1920s, all anti-vaccinationists demanded the unconditional abolition of vaccines.  No one prattled-on about “informed consent” warnings (like they do today).  No one squawked about the “right to choose” whether to poison one’s own kids.  And no one begged the gov’t for more “safety studies.”  All anti-vaccinationists were Abolitionists.

Legit Vaccine Testing?  
Hypothetically speaking, legit vaccine testing would employ the Scientific Method.  Theoretically, test subjects could be inoculated with a pathogen—let’s say measles—and then, a year or so later, test subjects could then be exposed to a “measle virus lollipop”—to determine whether their immune systems could withstand a real world pathogenic challenge.  But this type of testing never happens in the real world—and for one obvious reason—i.e., after exposure to the “measle virus lollipop,” all test subjects would come down with a full-blown case of measles—because vaccines don’t confer immunity!

Safe Vaccines?
So, what is the definition for “safe”—in the context of vaccines?  Well, nobody knows!  No such definition exists!  Okay, if 7-out-of-100 test subjects die from an experimental vaccine—is that vaccine still eligible for the “safe” rating?  Sure, why not?!  The gov’t never defines the term “safe!”

No Such Thing as Safe Vaccines 
Truth is, no criteria exists for determining whether a vaccine is “safe.”  All vaccines are deemed “safe”—regardless of how many test subjects the vaccine kills!  “Madonna mia!”  Who could ever believe-in “safe” vaccines?  Notably, in 2011, the Supreme Court observed: “[t]he FDA has never even spelled out in regulations the criteria it uses to decide whether a vaccine is safe and effective for its intended use,” [J. Scalia, Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, 562 U.S. 223].

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Effectiveness Testing 
Wildest of all, vaccines are never tested to see whether they actually work, i.e., whether they can actually prevent disease.  Instead, vaccines are tested only to see whether they can provoke an “immune defense response,” (which they always do!).  The testing then abruptly stops.  Based only on the “immune defense response,” mainstream science then leaps to the conclusion that “immunity has been achieved.  “Voila!”  But this is ridiculous!  Why?—because all vaccines provoke an “immune defense response!”

The Immune Defense Response 
Yes, injected pathogens always provoke an “immune defense response”—but guess what?—so do injected neurotoxins and carcinogens!  However, the mere fact of an “immune defense response” does not mean that the body suddenly becomes “immune” to disease.

No Guarantee of Future Disease-Fighting Abilities  
C’mon!—a skinned-up knee provokes an “immune defense response!”—does that mean you’re suddenly immune to dirt?  Following vaccination, the body rallies an “immune defense response”—to fight-off what it sees as “infections.”  But again, the mere fact of an “immune defense response” provides no basis to conclude that the immune system suddenly attained future disease-fighting abilities.  (Get it?)

Infections are No Sign of Immunity
The body sees injected viruses as “infections to be combated.”  But the body also sees everything else in the syringe as “infections to be combated”—including the carcinogens, mutagens, neurotoxins, fertility suppressants, animal byproducts, anti-microbials, anti-fungals, heavy metals, aborted fetal cell lines, microscopic biosensors, Nazi love juice, and so-on—all of which provoke immune defense responses!  Again, the mere fact of an “immune defense response” does NOT equate to “immunity from disease.” 

Suspension of Disbelief 
To believe-in vaccines, one must disengage from the real world — and suspend common sense and everyday experience!  To believe-in vaccines requires the blindest of blind faiths.  But we are Disbelievers.  We wish to opt-out.

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The Titer Hoax  
Curiously, mainstream science pretends it can prove whether a person has “immunity” — by Titer testing.  But this is just another pharma shell game.  Truth is, no blood test can reveal whether you have immunity to a given disease.

Million Dollar Question 
If they devised a test, and it showed that your immune system were actively producing measle antibodies, then what would that mean?  Well, obviously, it would mean that the measle virus still lurks in your body!—and it would also mean that your immune system has been unable to eliminate that measle virus—ever since the day it was first injected!

Imagine a 40-year-old woman who had a measles shot 35 years ago, just before kindergarten, at age 5.  Today, her employer demands to know whether she has immunity to measles.  Her doctor recommends a Titer test.  They draw blood.  If antibodies are detected, mainstream science will purposely misinterpret the fact of antibody production—erroneously concluding that she supposedly has “immunity” to measles.

Target-Specific Antibodies? 
First of all, how does mainstream science know which “targets” your antibodies (white blood cells) are responding-to?  Truth is, mainstream science has no way of knowing which battle your antibodies are off to fight!  No such thing as “target-specific” antibodies.

The True Meaning of Antibody Production   
Assuming it were possible for blood tests to detect “target-specific” antibodies—specifically earmarked for the measle virus—then you must conclude that the measle virus is currently lurking in the body!  Remember our hypothetical 40-year-old woman?—who got a measle shot 35 years ago?  Well, if a blood test determines she is currently producing measle antibodies, then it can only mean two things:  (i) the measle virus has been festering inside her body—for 35 freakin years!—and, (ii) her immune system has been hopelessly unable to vanquish that virus—for 35 freakin years!

Immune System Treadmill  
Assuming blood tests can detect measle-specific antibodies, the ramifications are morbidly disturbing.  The presence of measle-specific antibodies would necessarily mean that the measle virus, since the date of injection, has been continually depleting that poor woman’s immune system!   Indeed, ALL vaccines would deplete the immune system in this manner—which must explain why autoimmune disease is today so prevalent.

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The Outbreak of Auto-Immune Disease  
After vaccination, the injected virus apparently lays around like a “punching bag.”  According to mainstream science, you produce antibodies that continually beat-up on the virus, but never totally knock it out!  You will devote an entire lifetime’s worth of immune system assets—trying in vain to fight-off the injected virus—but your immune system is never quite able to drive a stake through its heart.  And this endless cycle of nonstop antibody production surely debilitates and weakens the immune system, which tends to show that vaccines are just a ploy to create lifelong pharma customers.

The Shocking Truth
Vaccination pumps the body full of viruses—which the body fights, but never kills-off.  This creates a perpetual drain on the immune system, which inevitably leads to a host of autoimmune disorders and chronic, debilitating health issues.  “No, thank you!”  We wish to opt-out of this disease cult!

Separation of Pharma & State   
Mandatory vaccination laws are a perilous entanglement of pharma and state—which offends the Constitution just as surely as entanglements of church and state!—and for the same reason—i.e., the imposition of official beliefs always results in discrimination against Disbelievers.  This is especially true today!

Signs ‘n Wonders 
Can you not hear the unmistakable sound of jackboots goose-stepping on the cobblestones?—the cold, wet smell of fascism?  Can you not see the spectacle of witch trials?—for those who would choose vitamin C and sunshine over antibiotics and vaccines?

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Overreaching Gov’t Opinions 
The Constitution prevents the gov’t from forcing faith-based opinions on the People—who must be let alone to form their own faith-based opinions!—or evidence-based opinions, if they wish!

Church of Vaccinology  
Mandatory vaccination wrongfully forces the People to adopt Vaccinology as the official, state-established religion.  However, the gov’t may not force its religion on the People!  Period!

Our Belief System
We Abolitionists refuse to place the false idols of Vaccinology above common sense and everyday experience.  Our belief system says that vaccines cause cancer, alter DNA, and suppress fertility.  Vaccines cause neuropathy, including autism.  And vaccines kill.

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Establishment Clause Violation
Mandatory vaccination violates the First Amendment right to live free of state-established religion.  Laws arising from faith-based opinions of Catholics or Protestants are every bit as harmful to a free society as laws arising from faith-based opinions of Scientologists or Vaccinologists.

Know Your Human Rights!  
Freedom means nothing if you can’t keep the gov’t out of your body.  If you’re not demanding a total vaccine ban—then you empower genocide!  #ResistNow!

~~ T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.

B A S E D   o n   a   T R U E   S T O R Y

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Inspired by American Naturalist and Philosopher,
Rudy Twomoon

Produced and Directed by TMP’s Midnight Minions
in association with Chapter Eleven Productions,
Fly-By-Night Management Services, and
Neurotica Entertainment Group

Copyright 2020 – T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.”
Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Happy Easter Sunday 2020!

One thought on ““The Other Side of Religious Freedom”

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  1. Good argument. Where are the agnostics?

    The Church of Vaccinology has put forth a belief system that claims, without proof, at least these two points.

    1) Thy Vaccine will Protect you from SARS-Cov-2 Infection
    Inoculations are effective at suppressing symptoms and thus with less symptoms you get less transmission because of the logical leap institutions such as the Church of CDC leaning on pre-mass-inoculation numbers of asymptomatic transmission. Viral load is left out of this equation.

    Short term self-anointed pharmalogical studies show a rate of 95% efficacy. Real world data shows numbers closer to zer0%.

    2) Thine Risk of Ill Health from Injection is but Miniscule
    Despite the aforementioned rushed and self-anointed clinical trials that received the blessing of the FDA and CDC by the rite by way of EUA it appears that there is a competing ideaology based on science that casts a shadow doubt on these teachings. Data from the VAERS and Yellow Card reporting systems is shunned from debate as blasphemous.

    That only accounts for short-term analysis of the scripture put forth to us. Long term effects, despite scientific conjecture are wholly dismissed as the unity in the Church of Vax must be strengthened by sheer faith.

    Same methodology. Different priest class but now they wear white coats. I guess You Can’t Teach an Old Dogma New Tricks.


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