“The Best Way to Control a Protest Moovement.”

~ by T. Matthew Phillips, Attorney-at-Law ~

good way for corporations and governments to control protest moovements — is to control the “leaders” of the moovements, however, the best way for corporations and governments to control protest moovements — is to create their own protest moovements from scratch — and install their own “puppets” as “leaders” of the protest!

In 1922, Russian revolutionary, Vladimir Lenin, famously wrote:  The best way to control the opposition against you — is to lead that opposition yourself.”  Truer words were never written.  Today, social media is overflowing with “controlled opposition.” lenin finalWHY CREATE FAKE MOOVEMENTS?
Because fake moovements are the best way to control protesters — and the best way to subdue grassroots moovements before they gain too many followers.  Remember, the evilest corporations know and understand that their industries will always be the targets of protest moovements.  These corporations fear a true grassroots uprising — and then it occurs to them —“Why not start your own protest moovement?”  

Some industries, such as vaccine makers, will always be the targets of protest, so naturally, the vaccine industry creates its own protest moovement — to maintain more favorable “public relations.”  The vaccine makers control the narrative — and they limit how “negative” it gets.  The corporations hire crisis actors to spout lukewarm criticisms of the industry, and they hire crisis actors to play the roles of unemployed, “grassroots” mommies who suddenly become social justice warriors!  (Get it?)

denise marie pharma hoe - Copy

The corporations control the leaders of the moovement — and the leaders control the soft-serve message — and the corporations, (from behind the scenes), promote the soft-serve message — which becomes the loudest message — which ultimately controls the minds of the masses.

It’s all about oppressive corporations secretly controlling subservient leaders who, in turn, control gullible followers — who don’t even realize they’re being controlled . . .

How can you spot the “controlled opposition?”–it’s always the “leaders.”  For example, in the controlled opposition moovement against vaccines, the industry chose Delores Bigtree, Andy Fakefield, Polley Tommy and others — to faithfully dish-up soft-serve protest messages — “We want safe vaccines!” — which pharma advertises and promotes.  And, as you might expect, the controlled-opp message drowns-out the message of the true opposition — the Abolitionists, who call to forever ban vaccines.

With the biggest advertising budget, the controlled opp moovement predictably becomes the loudest voice among the various protesters (all of whom compete to be heard).  Ultimately, the pharma-controlled, soft-serve message — “We want safe vaccines!” — becomes the dominant message — which, in turn, makes the greatest impression on impressionable minds.


Same thing in the GMO debate.  They created fake protest moovements — such as March Against Monsanto, run by a fake-tivist named Tami Canal.  Monsanto controls and finances Tami’s fake moovement, and Tami faithfully delivers a soft-serve protest.  Her message is: “Label GMOs!”  And then, from behind the scenes, Monsanto advertises and promotes Tami’s soft-serve message — in order to drown-out the message of the true opposition — the Abolitionists, who wish to forever ban GMOs.

Tami Canal and her group leaders at March Against Monsanto know that GMOs are poison.  And when they cry, “Label GMOs!” — they are, in fact, supporting the labeling of known poisons for human consumption, (wtf?), which can only mean that they are “muppets!”  Controlled opp!  Deceivers!  Crisis actors!

Similarly, Larry Crook and his group leaders at Stop Mandatory Vaccinations know that vaccines are poison.  And when they cry, “Freedom of Choice!” — they are, in fact, supporting the right-to-choose known poisons, (wtf?), which can only mean that they are “muppets!”  Controlled opp!  Deceivers!  Crisis actors!

Corporate-Controlled ‘Muppets!’

Crisis actors are corporate (or gov’t) stooges — hired to peddle false narratives — calculated to sway public opinion away from the truth — and quietly steer the minds of the masses towards some hidden corporate (or gov’t) agenda.  Many crisis actors are beloved on social media and gain cult followings.  Sadly, their followers are “sheep” — who believe they are following brave social justice warriors, but in real life, they’re just professional actors hired to deceive the public.    

[Editor’s Note:  In a recent study by a disinterested think-tank, it was determined that approx. 62% of visitors to Facebook’s vaccine pages were, in fact, crisis actors — paid to be posting and commenting — that’s more than 3-out-of-5!].

crisis actors del
Crisis Actors – (L to R), Denise Marie RN, Joshua Coleman, and Del Bigtree

Ironically, the American public is totally unaware that the idea of “controlled opposition” even exists.  Controlled-opp “thinking” is simply unknown in popular American culture.  There are no Hollywood movies about controlled-opp.  Some point to the 1997 thriller, Wag the Dog, starring Robert DeNiro, but that film is not about controlled-opp.  Rather, it’s about a “false flag” event — where an American President starts an overseas war — to cover-up a sex scandal — on the eve of the election.

Okay, now let’s examine some real-world controlled-opp activities . . .

pan bennett

On Aug. 22, 2019, there was a controlled opp incident in which Ken Bennett, (anti-vax), “attacked” state senator Dick Pan (pro-vax).  Spoiler alert: both Bennett and Pan are pharma-controlled; (Pan, obviously; Bennett, not-so-obviously).  In a staged media event, Bennett is caught on tape physically assaulting Pan — who literally got pushed around on the streets of Sac-town — ‘coz Bennet don’t back-down!

What are the odds that Ken Bennett would have a “chance” street encounter with notorious pro-vaxxer, Dick Pan?  Let me re-phrase.  What are the odds that Ken Bennett, former Republican candidate for Calif. State Senate — who threw the election on purpose — would have a “chance” street encounter with his former political rival, Dick Pan, the Democrat who won the race for Calif. State Senate?  (I know, right?)  It stretches the limits of imagination!  Trust me, this was a manufactured media event!  Bennett and Pan were both “in” on it!  Wink-wink!

Okay, so guess “who” filmed the Dick Pan assault?  That’s right, Ken Bennett himself — the world’s dumbest criminal — the dum-dum who filmed himself committing an assault and battery and then had the presence of mind to put the incriminating video on YouTube!  (Srsly!)

Bennett committed a crime on camera and then incriminated his dumb-ass by posting the video on YouTube.  But Bennett wasn’t worried about getting in trouble with the law!  Bennett knew beforehand that he would not be charged with a crime.  As part of the acting gig, Sen. Pan knows that he will be physically shoved by Bennett, and Sen. Pan knows that Bennett will not press charges.  It’s all controlled.  And then, wouldn’t ya know, despite national medial coverage — of a rabid ex-vaxxer committing assault and battery on a state senator — the Sacramento County D.A. naturally declines to file criminal charges against Bennett!  Wow!  Didn’t see that coming!! LoL!

Notably, the “selfie” videotape of Bennett physically attacking Pan (an elected lawmaker) was broadcast on all mainstream media outlets — CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and FOX.  The whole point of the staged event and subsequent media coverage was to broadcast pharma’s underlying message, which is this: “anti-vaxxers are crazy and violent!”  (Get it?)  This is how pharma controls the narrative.

“Nothing here is fake — it’s merely controlled.” – The Truman Show (1998)

Obviously, there are no Hollywood movies about controlled-opp precisely because some topics are just too taboo.  C’mon!  They don’t want you to figure-out that everything, (literally everything), you see and hear on TV and the internet is a manufactured reality — like The Truman Show.  Remarkably, the sheep accept without question the reality of the world presented to them — which inevitably bends their minds towards some hidden corporate or government agenda.

soviet mam millions march

Another example of fake-tivism is MILLIONS MARCH — which 
pretends to be a grassroots moovement conceived by homespun mommies unconnected to corporate influence!  But in reality, they are 100% pharma-controlled!

Just curious — who designed all their “grassroots” t-shirts — for sale on Amazon Prime?  (Srsly?)  MILLIONS MARCH is totally controlled opp!  And you can tell by the corporatized t-shirts!  (Srsly!)  Pharma created the march to attract and distract all the dum-dums.  This is how they do the masses!  A hostile takeover of gullible minds!  Check out the corporatized t-shirts! – – –

shirts 1

shirts 5

shirts 4

shirts 3

The controlled opp playbook says — “Control the words, control the narrative, and control the minds.”  At the MILLIONS MARCH, the vaccine makers controlled the words, controlled the narrative, and controlled the minds of the masses.

Controlled opp handlers demand uniformity and obedience from their crisis actors — who must chant the same propaganda slogans — and use the same hashtags!  At MILLIONS MARCH, the handlers controll everything — including the sign-makers — who use the same theme, the same colors, and the same GD font — on all the signs!

signs 3.jpg

signs 4

signs 5

signs 6

Once upon a time, protesters made their own cardboard signs — with heartfelt messages scribbled with Sharpies.  But nowadays, in corporatized moovements, such as MILLIONS MARCH, everything is controlled, right down to the contrived slogans.  It’s all financed with corporate shill-bucks!  It reeks of corporatization!

A century ago, all vaccine activists had a pure and simple message:  “Abolish vaccines!”  Back then, no activist prattled-on about “Informed Choice!”  They called themselves Abolitionists.  They demanded “Informed Refusal!”  They had but one true-blue message — “Abolish vaccines!”  A hundred years ago, there was no organized pharma cartel — and no controlled opp voices hired to drown-out the Abolition voices.

v.a.s. umbrella final

We keep alive the hopes and dreams of yesteryear’s Abolitionists.  Our true-blue message is pure and simple — “Abolish vaccines!”  No one can deny — the torch of genuineness burns brightly — at Vaccine Abolition Society!  🙂

If you had a social conscience — and you could time-travel back to slavery days — would you fight for safer plantations?  For better working conditions for slaves?  Or would you demand the unconditional abolition of slavery?

We Abolitionists fight not for safer vaccines — there’s no such thing.  We fight for the unconditional abolition of vaccines!  We are on the right side of history!  Our cause is just.  And we shall overcome!

P l e a s e   V i s i t   V a c c i n e   A b o l i t i o n   S o c i e t y !
https://www.facebook.com/groups/421205074923116/victorian - Copy.jpg

–   T H E   E N D  –

Produced and Directed by TMP’s Midnight Minions
in association with Chapter Eleven Productions,
Fly-By-Night Management Services, and
Neurotica Entertainment Group

Copyright 2019

“Freedom means nothing
if you can’t keep the government out of your body.”
~  T. Matthew Phillips  ~


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  1. Fucking fantastic article! All the truth spilled out here, no lie uncovered! Thank you T. for always proving the truth of actions and the truth of patterns!!!!

    Isn’t it hilarious how easily the public support their own genocide! Isn’t it so divinely comical how they defend their own slavery! Isn’t it ironic they demand social justice from the most criminal enterprise known to humans….. the courts, police, media and producers…. oh how they beg the ones who kill them, to save them. You can taste the stupidity!

    ~Rudy TwoMoon


  2. Interesting theory but not 100% believable. No doubt a small minority are fake. There is no evidence it is anywhere near as widespread as you claim. There is no reason not to believe ‘safer’ vaccines could be a reality someday.Maybe it will become a form of homeopathy which was used all around the world safely! The MOST important point is CHOICE!! I joined a Millions March group. Blue collar folks, NO hired actors. We paid for our own signs and picked them up at a local sign making company. I think you’re
    far off in left field with this article!


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