Brandy Vaughn is a corporate shill.  (Surprise!)  She founded the Vaccine Safety Council, which proves she’s a shill because there’s no such thing as safe vaccines.  We don’t need a council for vaccine “safety,” rather, we need a council for vaccine “banning!”  #abolishvaccines “US” vs. “THEM” Yes, TMP shattered your Moovement!  BAMM!  Divided!  Split in... Continue Reading →

BREAKING: Vaccine Shill Groups – OUTED!

VACCINE SHILL GROUPS—OUTED:  We are free-thinkers!  And we OUT the “controlled opposition” – the pretend activists – controlled by corporations – who peddle “soft-serve” activism on the internet!!  The sad reality is that Pharma controls its internet “opposition” – but we now provide the identities of these shillastic shill groups and their controlled leaders!! IT’S... Continue Reading →

“The Case Against Vaccines: A to Z!”

“The Case Against Vaccines: A to Z!” by T. Matthew Phillips, Esq. (A)  Under American law, it is legally impossible to design a defective vaccine.  In 2011, the Supreme Court declared that all vaccine designs are "unavoidably unsafe" and "unavoidably defective" due to "unavoidable adverse side effects" presumptively caused by defective vaccine "design."  The Court... Continue Reading →

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