“Television commercials are louder than television programs so we can hear them on the way to the fridge.” ~~T. Matthew Phillips " T H E   A M E R I C A N   C O N S U M E R " by T. Matthew Phillips Attorney-at-Law I support our troops.  I believe... Continue Reading →


 “Planets rotate on love’s axes and apples fall to be near their beloveds.” ~ Kamand Kojouri ~ " G R A V I T Y   G O N E   W I L D " by T. Matthew Phillips Attorney-at-Law GRAVITY Gravity—the most universal force in the universe!  All objects made of mass or... Continue Reading →

“Mandatory Memory Wipe – Sen. Bill No. 86!”

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. – Sen. Richard Pan, (D), architect of California’s notorious SB-277—mandatory vaccination for school children—today proposed SB-86, a bill that calls for mandatory erasure of painful or traumatic memories, thoughts, and emotions from the memory banks of California school children. Protecting Children Proponents of the bill seek to protect children from painful memories, such... Continue Reading →

“William Shakespeare – Crisis Actor?”

"To be, or not to be: that is the question." Hamlet (Act III, Scene I) William Shakespeare is universally acclaimed as the world's greatest writer.  But today, many Shakespearian scholars believe that the man we know as Shakespeare never wrote a single word—let alone, any play, poem, or sonnet.  Many scholars now contend that the... Continue Reading →

CONTROLLED OPP PROFILES (005): “DEL BIGTREE – Criminal Investigation by the L.A. County District Attorney!”

CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION of DEL BIGTREE! TMP's criminal complaint against Del Bigtree has been submitted to the L.A. County District Attorney's office for prosecution!  Yay!  Terrific news!  We hope to see an indictment -- People vs. Del Bigtree!!  This is way more fun than watching Joshua Coleman get prosecuted!  Fuck you, Del Bigtree -- fuckin poser!!... Continue Reading →

CONTROLLED OPP PROFILES (004): “T. Matthew Phillips Bitch Slaps Andrew Liebich with Malicious Prosecution Lawsuit!”

"I plan to immediately take his videotaped deposition and ask him -- under penalty of perjury -- to identify his employer." ~~T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.   LOS ANGELES, CALIF.  Legendary Civil Rights Attorney T. Matthew Phillips Sues Pharma Troll Andrew Liebich for Malicious Prosecution and Defamation! Yes!  You heard right!  Legendary civil rights attorney T.... Continue Reading →

“Let’s Call Pluto a Planet!”

“Planets rotate on love’s axes and apples fall to be near their beloveds.” ~ Kamand Kojouri Pluto — ninth rock from the Sun.  Discovered eighty-eight years ago today, (Feb. 18, 1930), Pluto was a planet when most of us were born.  But then, in 2006, the Scientific Priesthood stripped Pluto of its planetary title!  The... Continue Reading →


Brandy Vaughn is a corporate shill.  (Surprise!)  She founded the Vaccine Safety Council, which proves she’s a shill because there’s no such thing as safe vaccines.  We don’t need a council for vaccine “safety,” rather, we need a council for vaccine “banning!”  #abolishvaccines “US” vs. “THEM” Yes, TMP shattered your Moovement!  BAMM!  Divided!  Split in... Continue Reading →

BREAKING: Vaccine Shill Groups – OUTED!

VACCINE SHILL GROUPS—OUTED:  We are free-thinkers!  And we OUT the “controlled opposition” – the pretend activists – controlled by corporations – who peddle “soft-serve” activism on the internet!!  The sad reality is that Pharma controls its internet “opposition” – but we now provide the identities of these shillastic shill groups and their controlled leaders!! IT’S... Continue Reading →

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