“Let’s Call Pluto a Planet!”

“Planets rotate on love’s axes and apples fall to be near their beloveds.” ~ Kamand Kojouri Pluto—ninth rock from the Sun.  Discovered eighty-eight years ago today, (Feb. 18, 1930), Pluto was a planet when most of us were born.  But then, in 2006, the Scientific Priesthood stripped Pluto of its planetary title!  The astronomical world... Continue Reading →


Brandy Vaughn is a corporate shill.  (Surprise!)  She founded the Vaccine Safety Council, which proves she’s a shill because there’s no such thing as safe vaccines.  We don’t need a council for vaccine “safety,” rather, we need a council for vaccine “banning!”  #abolishvaccines “US” vs. “THEM” Yes, TMP shattered your Moovement!  BAMM!  Divided!  Split in... Continue Reading →

BREAKING: Vaccine Shill Groups – OUTED!

VACCINE SHILL GROUPS—OUTED:  We are free-thinkers!  And we OUT the “controlled opposition” – the pretend activists – controlled by corporations – who peddle “soft-serve” activism on the internet!!  The sad reality is that Pharma controls its internet “opposition” – but we now provide the identities of these shillastic shill groups and their controlled leaders!! IT’S... Continue Reading →

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